Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not much to say...

So, much has happened. I have little free time these days but this is actually a very good thing. :3 I do get a chance to spend so time surfing the net and looking at blogs.

However... For the love of god I will never understand why people put set music to automatically play on a blog/website. It is the most annoying thing I have ever had to deal with.

I was on a blog that had a list of blogs that they followed. So I held down control and opened about 14 blogs in 14 tabs. 6 of them had songs playing on them, 2 had music videos playing on them and I had my own music playing at the time. I can not convey the lag that this cause my computer to suffer with. Nor can I convey just how horrendous the songs sounded as they mangled each other and skipped about because of loading at the same time.

I realize I am weird in that I open many, many tabs at once... I just wish they would at least make it easy to tune off the mood/theam music. I also wish they had better taste in music and not select the kind of music that makes me want to gouge out my ears with a fork.

Thank god for ad/code blocking addons.