Product Links

 Product Links

Some posts will have product links in them. 

As of right now I am not sponsored by anyone or anything. I would love to be but currently it is just me and Amazon Associates.

The links are all currently via Amazon Associates and are of items I have bought either recently or in the past. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme. In all honesty it's mostly a way for me to keep track of the things I like that I have gotten and of things that I didn't like. The items that I don't like will probably have links also just so I really know what not to get.

I have opinions on Amazon. Their current setup for Amazon Associates is a pain for me to use because it does weird things when i am trying to generate the links. The old system from 2014 was much simpler to use. Currently if the site doesn't generate a code a second time I have to hope that I have the first version. And then if I want other links I have to make them with the app and email them to myself.

I do have an invitation link for Branded Surveys if you feel like it.

There are or might also be Google ads floating around.

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