Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The workforce

A big thing that is wrong with the world is how people are taught to treat minimum wage workers as being lesser then everyone else.

I can;t tell you how many times I have had conversations with people, even young people, that don't think people should be paid a living wage. I walked away from one person that was complaining about not being able to live on her pay because when I mentioned then she should support raising the minimum wage... she said that if she could have it then they shouldn't be able to have it.

Yeah... I caught myself from saying anything besids that I didn't agree with her, but she seemed pretty offended that I didn't agree with her.

I have heard my bosses say the same thing. We are a company that if people don't have insurance they sure as hell arn't going to come to the office. Especialy if they have to choose living or living with a pain they have had for years.

This is just once of the toxic mindsets that is probably ruining the company I work for.

Minimum wage workforce still has the right to live. Minimum wage should be a living wage.

People have off days and it goes both ways. But living isn't something you can do with out.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The dream of making money online

I have written a few things about this phenomenon. Yes, phenomenon. It has turned into a cryptid of sorts over the last few years.

Blogging for money has reached a mythical level during this time.

But over all I think that not time, but corporate entities have killed it. I think the deck has always been stacked against blogging. It was a good thing and in some ways it is still a good thing.

It's just much, much harder to make money with it in a casual manner.

The Math post I did was based on other peoples experiences. Looking at it now I can't believe that people could get 100 new readers with each post. That is almost impossible not because of the advertising needed but because no one really looks for home bloggers anymore.

Which leads to the next problem, the evolutionary drift of peoples interests.

This blog has always been my ranting and job hunting release point. It is also a very casual thing for me. If i'm not pissed then I am probably not writing. Do I have posts started and not done? Yes. Do I have time to focus 100% of my attention on this? No.

Do I have a better idea of how the whole blogging this works? Yes, actually.

The big rush in the blogging world is over. The networking needed to restart it can be done. Personally I think webrings should make a comeback. They were seemingly easy bits of code you could stick on your site and be linked with other sites like yours. Blogger briefly had something like that but it seems to have dissapeard a few years ago.

I have a few other blogs that I update on a more regular schedule. They are less to make money and more for me to keep track of what I am doing. Eventually I would love for them to make money but it probably will not be with ads. It will be selling my own products.

This is how you make money blogging now.

I post update notifications on tumblr and twitter. I have an instagram. I have a set up that is mostly automatic but needs work. I have some posts backlogged because I will have good writing days.

All of this helps to get regular updates done.

All of this helps you to reach people.

How ever there is no autopilot. You have to wright and work and interact with people. Companies will make it harder and harder for you to make 'free' money because there is no free money.

But they can not truly stop you from selling things you own.

A popular craft selling site has new ToS that are trying to make as much money off you as possible, but I think when people go back to blogging and making websites like we did in the 90's... Then we will have more power again.

While a lot of the 90's internet was lost, I think there is still so much that wasn't. Personal experiences can never be taken away.

Here is to the new beginning.