Monday, October 18, 2010

The Thank You Letter

Sending a Thank You letter is a must when searching for a job. Even if it just a dinky little note via e-mail saying a quick thank you. Why?

It shows that you are interested, better yet, it brings your name to mind.

Personally, I do not send out a thank you until the next day. Not that I have many chances to send one, but my reasoning is that it will strike them with an 'Ah-ha!' thought. The hope being that they will suddenly think that I am the perfict fit for the position. this senario is probably a pipe dream in this day and age.

But the fact remains that I will never not send thank you notes/letters after an interview. I feel that if you don't show even that little bit of concern for the position, and the people interviewing you, then you might be finding yourself stuck in the bottom on the list for job offers. This goes dubbel for an agent at a hiring agency.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giving a Hiring Agency a Try

In my job hunt I have been attempting to avoid a hiring agency, but as of late it seems every opening for my area of choice is going through an agency of some kind.

So upon finding out that a position I applied for was using one I decided to meet the agent. I could only meet her on my lunch which she said was fine. Then that day I had to call and push it back, I was so worried, but she said it was fine as well.

I have never met someone so helpful before. She was very adamant about helping me out and finding me something. She e-mailed me the tests to take on the weekend. When we talked about them, she was completely understanding at how I am used to a newer version then the one she sent for the test she said my results were good but she wanted me to take it again with a newer version.

She also had a lot to say about my resume. She wanted to make a lot of changes to it and she went over why she wanted to in great detail. I agreed totally with her changes and she said she would be sending me a revised copy. Which is good because it has not been revised for some years.

Prior to leaving she told me to check her companies website and to e-mail her any positions i might be interested in. I just can not explain how helpful she has been.

So I am changing my stance on hiring agencies, people should give them a chance. But ask questions! The woman I met with gave me a great deal of information and was extremely understanding of my situation. Most of the questions I could not remember she volunteered information on. This is the type of person you will want to work with. I would only say that if they are not actively trying to help you out they might not be the company for you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updateing Your Resume

This isn't as easy as it sounds unless you are getting out side help. Or at least an opinion from someone who hasn't been starring at your resume for more then 10 minuets. (Hint: you)

Back when I was attempting a second job I was asked about my past job experiences. When I explained I was a temp back then, the wonderful woman interviewing me asked why I didn't bold the words 'temporary position'. She explained that it looked like I had jumped jobs when I hadn't.

Having since altered my resume as such I have gotten one call back and a few non-ding letters.

This might not seem like a big improvement, but to me it's amazing. Just by bolding a few spots I have gone from no answers & dings to a few positive responses. It makes me wonder what kind of responses I could have had if I had done this years ago.

Oh well, better now then never.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Round of Applications.

I just sent out a few applications. Unfortunately this is mostly because there were very few companies looking for people in my field of choice. A growing trend.

One is for more of a second shift position. Which could turn out very well for me because I could take a class during the day if i get really ambitious. Getting my degree would be a very good thing.

So.. Time to play the waiting game. With luck I will get a offer for an interview. :3

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ding Letters Expanded

Ah... The fabled ding letter. Once many moons ago my Mother-of-much-yelling had warned me of such wonders. "Beware!" she said, "They will come'th and take that which you hope for!"

Well, she didn't really say it like that. When I first started working my mom did warn me not to get disappointed when I get them. To just keep trying and soon I would find a job just for me. For all the e-mail applications I have sent out I have gotten maybe five ding letters. This is counting the one I got yesterday.

This only surprises me because companies are suggesting they they don't care enough to let you know you didn't make the cut. I'm not saying they should spend money on stamps and paper but when they have your e-mail on file? That is pure inconsideration.

And this is a growing trend. It pains me almost as much as getting a voice mail to call them only to be told that no, they are not interested and blah blah blah.

It just amazes me that some people just don't care enough to send a auto reply that the position is filled.