Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablet review part more!

Sorry for the lame title but considering I am posting from my bed...I am going through with it. I have gotten a few of the standard apps to play but I haven't been to into them. I have no connection at work (which is good) so no posting during lunchtime.

Not that I would ever condone such a thing... Never.

But this is so much fun! Until just now thanks to my loving cat walking all over me. Night all!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kindle Fire HE is my new baby.

Seriously, I am loving this. I got a stylus and while it helps typing a lot... I think for blog posts I will just use my fingers.

I am really loving.this!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Mayan Apocalypse

Or rather, the Apocalypse That Wasn't. Looks like thoughs rapture guys arn't the only ones missing their mark. Thankfully.

I know one person I work with was kinda hoping something would happen that would wipe her student loans. Can't say that I blame her for that idea.

I wonder if all the people that bought 'doomsday' survival kits are demanding a return?

Monday, December 17, 2012

NYC Trip

I am writing this from my sisters apt in NYC. :3 I am having a seriously good time even thought I hate my sisters laptop with a vengeance.

Back to the trip.

Got in Friday afternoon and made my way here to drop my stuff off. Then I got 'lost' in so much that I knew were I wanted to go but missed it by two long blocks and two short blocks. "It" being the Shake Shack. Such good food. That night we met with one of our cousins and went for mexican. Very Tasty.

Saturday  sister and I hit up the Met. This was a lot of fun. WE went for their M--thing show that was on but we had more fun at the modern art exhibit. We were there for almost three hours and saw a small portion of the Met as a whole. So much walking! we then went to Momofuku for noodles and on the way realised that the Santa walk had ditched everyone on that block! So much for the quiet night my sister thought we would have there. XD The spicy roasted rice was to die for!

Sunday night we returned some stuff, bought new running shoes and then had the best mac and cheese ever! (and a whiskey sour that was more whiskey then sour...) This was after we had been delayed do to a bird crapping on me and forcing us back to her apt when we were just across the street from the bus we needed. I pretty much cussed the bird out on my way back, it was quite the blue streak. My sister laughed the whole time.

Today has been pretty laid back. I got lunch from the Shake Shack again and I will be taking a nap after I finish this. Over all this trip has been just what I needed.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Stress and Work

If you are getting stressed about things out side of your job and you are finding that it is impacting your abilities.... Talk to someone about it. Hopefully you are on good terms with your area supervisor or manage and they are already aware that you are getting a little more stressed then normal.

If they don't already know and they approach you about it, tell the truth. Thank them for noticing and explain what you have done to try and fix it. Ask them if they have suggestions. It is possible that there might be something that they changed that could be adding stress to you that you didn't know about it.

But above all keep calm. Understand that you are doing something wrong and that you are in need of help and explain this to them. This can be a hard topic to approach because you don't want to always be pointing out your flaws.

However, this might be take out of your hands if a coworker with their own and often loudly proclaimed stress problems might try to use you as a target if you are not careful. Don't say anything negative about them directly or in an aggressive manner. If you are the mature and understanding your managers could be impressed. (and hopefully turn their attention to the coworker.)

So remember, don't get stressed if you are left alone by the other coworker. Just ask your supervisor or manager for help until they come back because you can't handle everything alone.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Longest Interview Proses Ever

"Well, long time no update. The main reason for that is I have been going through one of the longest interview proses in my live. It spanned almost two months with three interviews and one test. Everyone was so nice and everything.

And I got the job. :3

I can't tell you how happy I am about this. All the stress of looking and here it is. I have to say I did not find this job on my own. I did work with a hiring agent and she was very helpful. Two actually, both at different companies and both were very nice and helpful.

I can't believe I don't have to keep waiting to hear back on an interview anymore.

I can't tell you how badly I wanted this job. The people I met were wonderful and it just felt right. They have a wonderful training program. The are also closer to my home so I will have a shorter commute. They also have wonderful benefits.

The only problem is that my new school is near my old job. So I will probably end up dorming 1-2 nights a week and then heading strait to work. it's going to be interesting learning all my new classes and job duties at the same time.

Adding the the stress, I have to go shopping and get my new work cloths because I'm going from uniform to work casual. My sister is looking forward to it."

God this is from so long ago. If you ever find yourself apart of an interview proses that takes two or more months you need to think about it and see if there were any warning signs about the company that you might have missed. Don't let desperation blind you to interviewer stupidity.

And if they ALWAYS get your current job title wrong (say calling you a manager instead of a receptionist) then get the hell away from them as soon as possible.

Just saying...