Friday, September 24, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 9-24-2021

  Future Friday Predictions & Planning 9-24-2021


So planned posts ideas that I may or may not do because of *waves hand*.

What the Heck is Blogger up to




More making money on the internet and why it doesn't work

Item reviews of things I have purchased from amazon (this is going to be weird and will have associate links in it)

ADD ADHA and how they are lumped together because the only symptoms are the ones parents and teachers don't like aka complaint diagnosis

your job requiring a vaccine is not a HIPAA violation

anti-vaxx people are killing everyone that is following the rules

common decency is as rare as common sense


 This is all that I can think of atm but as always thing will change or be forgotten because that is just how things are. And then I will remember to look at this post and go 'oh yeah!" and possibly repeat the cycle again.

Trying to do more things for a healthy-er coping mech-a-whatever because I am board with my violent video game of choice.

I'm also avoiding writing some stories/books because i can't find all my notes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Second Tuesdays Updates 9-13-2021 (9-15-2021)

late Second Tuesdays Updates 9-13-2021 (9-15-2021)

 Well, I am still waiting on my car. The rumor from the dealership is that the part might be made and shipped out on 9-20 but i'm not holding my breath.

and then the weekend got away from me and that is why you are seeing this very short thing on Wed. Sorry.