Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablet review part more!

Sorry for the lame title but considering I am posting from my bed...I am going through with it. I have gotten a few of the standard apps to play but I haven't been to into them. I have no connection at work (which is good) so no posting during lunchtime.

Not that I would ever condone such a thing... Never.

But this is so much fun! Until just now thanks to my loving cat walking all over me. Night all!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kindle Fire HE is my new baby.

Seriously, I am loving this. I got a stylus and while it helps typing a lot... I think for blog posts I will just use my fingers.

I am really loving.this!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Mayan Apocalypse

Or rather, the Apocalypse That Wasn't. Looks like thoughs rapture guys arn't the only ones missing their mark. Thankfully.

I know one person I work with was kinda hoping something would happen that would wipe her student loans. Can't say that I blame her for that idea.

I wonder if all the people that bought 'doomsday' survival kits are demanding a return?

Monday, December 17, 2012

NYC Trip

I am writing this from my sisters apt in NYC. :3 I am having a seriously good time even thought I hate my sisters laptop with a vengeance.

Back to the trip.

Got in Friday afternoon and made my way here to drop my stuff off. Then I got 'lost' in so much that I knew were I wanted to go but missed it by two long blocks and two short blocks. "It" being the Shake Shack. Such good food. That night we met with one of our cousins and went for mexican. Very Tasty.

Saturday  sister and I hit up the Met. This was a lot of fun. WE went for their M--thing show that was on but we had more fun at the modern art exhibit. We were there for almost three hours and saw a small portion of the Met as a whole. So much walking! we then went to Momofuku for noodles and on the way realised that the Santa walk had ditched everyone on that block! So much for the quiet night my sister thought we would have there. XD The spicy roasted rice was to die for!

Sunday night we returned some stuff, bought new running shoes and then had the best mac and cheese ever! (and a whiskey sour that was more whiskey then sour...) This was after we had been delayed do to a bird crapping on me and forcing us back to her apt when we were just across the street from the bus we needed. I pretty much cussed the bird out on my way back, it was quite the blue streak. My sister laughed the whole time.

Today has been pretty laid back. I got lunch from the Shake Shack again and I will be taking a nap after I finish this. Over all this trip has been just what I needed.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Stress and Work

If you are getting stressed about things out side of your job and you are finding that it is impacting your abilities.... Talk to someone about it. Hopefully you are on good terms with your area supervisor or manage and they are already aware that you are getting a little more stressed then normal.

If they don't already know and they approach you about it, tell the truth. Thank them for noticing and explain what you have done to try and fix it. Ask them if they have suggestions. It is possible that there might be something that they changed that could be adding stress to you that you didn't know about it.

But above all keep calm. Understand that you are doing something wrong and that you are in need of help and explain this to them. This can be a hard topic to approach because you don't want to always be pointing out your flaws.

However, this might be take out of your hands if a coworker with their own and often loudly proclaimed stress problems might try to use you as a target if you are not careful. Don't say anything negative about them directly or in an aggressive manner. If you are the mature and understanding your managers could be impressed. (and hopefully turn their attention to the coworker.)

So remember, don't get stressed if you are left alone by the other coworker. Just ask your supervisor or manager for help until they come back because you can't handle everything alone.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Longest Interview Proses Ever

"Well, long time no update. The main reason for that is I have been going through one of the longest interview proses in my live. It spanned almost two months with three interviews and one test. Everyone was so nice and everything.

And I got the job. :3

I can't tell you how happy I am about this. All the stress of looking and here it is. I have to say I did not find this job on my own. I did work with a hiring agent and she was very helpful. Two actually, both at different companies and both were very nice and helpful.

I can't believe I don't have to keep waiting to hear back on an interview anymore.

I can't tell you how badly I wanted this job. The people I met were wonderful and it just felt right. They have a wonderful training program. The are also closer to my home so I will have a shorter commute. They also have wonderful benefits.

The only problem is that my new school is near my old job. So I will probably end up dorming 1-2 nights a week and then heading strait to work. it's going to be interesting learning all my new classes and job duties at the same time.

Adding the the stress, I have to go shopping and get my new work cloths because I'm going from uniform to work casual. My sister is looking forward to it."

God this is from so long ago. If you ever find yourself apart of an interview proses that takes two or more months you need to think about it and see if there were any warning signs about the company that you might have missed. Don't let desperation blind you to interviewer stupidity.

And if they ALWAYS get your current job title wrong (say calling you a manager instead of a receptionist) then get the hell away from them as soon as possible.

Just saying...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a great holiday! I am going to (hopefuly) be setting up some auto posts things. I don't know how sucsesful I will be but I hope to get something done.

Even if it is just some holiday greating for the next year (or two or three...) it will be one less thing I will have to worry/think about.

As a side/parting note at some time I hope to get out a post about writers block and how to beat it and not yourself. Or your head against a wall/desk/keyboard/ect. :3

Friday, November 9, 2012

College never gets easy

I have no idea why I thought it would get easier over time. I had a project that would 'be easy' per the 'teacher'. Yeah...

But the project is all done and now I am catching a little rest before we start working on our final project. That one involves an invention and marketing for it. Think that Shark Tank show but with students that really have no idea how to get the needed research because their 'teacher' hasn't actually taught them anything.

My group unanimously decided to take a rest until the next class before we start working on this. We have some ideas but we have to find out if our 'teacher' wants us to come up with 100% original ideas that are not patented yet.

Also, if you know your presintation sucks, finding a way to talk about LOLcats can actually save you. True story.

Monday, October 1, 2012

More on controling mothers

And how to take back control. Holy crap do I have a story for you today.
So, back on March 16 of last year I wrote about debit and control mothers. The gist of that post was on how my mother had a vice-like grip of paying my bills with my money. The majority of my problem was that I blindly trusted that my mom knew what was best and that she valued my input.
Skip to the end of 2011 or early spring 2012 and I finally talked with her about it. At the end she agreed to let me have my bills and decided how much I wanted to put towards each. There was one particular card that I wanted to pay $200 on to get it out of the way in six months and a bigger one that I only wanted to pay the min on until the first was done. I was under the impression that she would stick to my plan.
Fast forward to last week.
I have been kicking around the idea to move out. This meant that I needed to know with out a doubt what my budget was. This meant knowing what I was paying on all my bills. So I found a reasonable posting for a studio apartment to use as a starting point in my dream budget. It was a studio in an excellent location with all utilities and off street parking included, how could I not want to know if I could get it? So I print it out and show my mom. The first thing she said was that I couldn't afford it and she only seemed to be a little shocked when I wanted to know why not. She said she was too busy setting up for our garage sale (never again) and that we could talk about it later.
Friday after the first day of that sale I said I needed to know which cards had a balance and how much much was being paid to each. She refused because she had too much to do. At this point my dad stepped in and asked her to tell me so I could figure things out on my own. It turned out she knew exactly what was being paid with out having to look it up. Exasperating but with the garage sale of doom I assumed it was the stress. I wrote down the numbers and just couldn't figure out why something didn't seem right.
Saturday night I realised what was wrong but it was midnight-ish and I figured I could deal with it in the morning.
Let's just say I'm shocked my dad slept through the yelling.
It turns out that after that my mom decided to do things her way again after one payment was made how I had planed. The one that should have been close or paid off was only getting $100 put on it. The card I didn't want to do more then the minimum? It was getting $200 and another that should have only been minimum as well was having $100 put on it. So now the card that would have been paid would take another nine months at this rate.
I asked her why she didn't ask me when she changed it and she basically said she knew what was best and didn't have to tell me. This was the last straw and when the yelling started. I demanded all my checks, bills, cards and files. She did give them to me but it was a fight the whole way. After I got every thing I put all but the bills that had to be paid 'this week' away and took a nap because I was exhausted from all the arguing.
Sadly this nap cause me to pay late on a bill because apparently by 'this week' (still blindly trusting my mom) she meant 'today before 5pm'. It was my car payment too and she did not answer why she waited to pay it on the last day. So by the time I got to the site to pay it it was three minuets past 5pm. Live and learn.
My parents also seemed to think that while I was crunching numbers (and tyring to figure out when to pay things that I had not gotten the bills for yet) was the absolute best time to talk about all kinds of other things and numbers and just what did I want for diner? They were rather offended that I wasn't answering and the fact that I always tune people out while working on things seemed to slip their mind. I did not help things by stating that this is how I have been for the last 30 years of their life. While this is the fast was to end a conversation, this is not the best way.
So! After all that I now have total control of my finances. It only took 12 years to do but better late then never.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Note to self...

When sending a note to yourself, make sure it is actuly to yourself
and not to your blog.

That being said I want to hide now. I just happened to see it in my
sent box and I won't be able to fix it until tonight. I think I'll
leave it up as a reminder to myself that things happen. I will be
posting a better/realt post about the link and the other link I was
refering to later tonight or tomarrow. I had debated on not posting
about this because I'm not all that into politics. However this just
screamed at me for attention not because of what happened but because
of another artical I had read the day prior.

. . . I can't belive I did that. XD;;;

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of plumbing and house insurance

Did I mention a few months ago my parents had an insurance guy out to
figure out why/if there was a leak in our bathroom? Did I also mention
that he didn't check the seal around the pipe connecting the toillet?

Did I mention that less then a week later a few piceis of the popcorn
ceiling in the room below fell off?

Well.... Yeah. My mom called the insurance company again and told them
what happened. When the same guy came back out that was when she found
out he didn't check the seal on the toilet.

The wax seal will dry out and start to crack over the years. It is an
easy fix that we had a plumber do. He was seriously done in about 30
min or less. The guy who helped us also checked out a few other things
just to be sure that was the problem.

Lesson learned? Check the seal on the toilet if you think you have a
leak in a bathroom. exspecialy if the room below has a water stain on

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asking for a job at your doctors office

Don't do it.

If you do and are told that they are not hiring for the love of god do
not keep asking and insisting that they need to call you because you
really need this for convenience reasons. In fact this will only make
you look worse.

Seriously, this is not a way to endear yourself to a potential employer.

First, the people at the check out counters have and want nothing to
do with hiring. They are busy checking people out and if you are
holding up the line this makes everyone upset at them.

Second, trying to grab your doctor or their secretary and insist upon
them that they should hire you for the location and position that you
want is a really fast way to piss everyone off. That is extremely
inconsiderate to the secretaries, the doctors and their patients.

Most doctors offices will hire through a hiring agency. This is
because they do not have the time to interview people because they are
busy treating patients. Walking into a doctors office and asking for
the hiring manager when you have no idea if they are hiring or not is
a great way to get your resume tossed with out a second thought. No
one is going to be interested in hiring someone that inconsiderate.

I know this seems harsh, but seriously if you do this I have little
sympathy. If you do this after commenting on how busy we are then I
have no sympathy for you at all.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School woes and adding to debt

So I have waited, until what seems that last minuet, to register for
classes. While this is not normally a horrendous thing, my collage has
changed some of their methods and now screwed me out of being able to
register and check my transcript. They have a generic message that
insinuates they are looking into things but I more then likely have to
call and talk to them directly about this. I missed the change over by
one week and thus here I am.

I would love to just stop by and register but I was hoping to take the
easy route.

Now I can't. I can't even see what required classes I need because
that is locked away in the registered users sections. Which is such a
good way to get students to join your school. Me? Bitter? Never!

I also have to figure out which credit card I am going to use to pay
for my classes.

This is were the debt part comes into play. I do not have a semester
sized cushion in my bank account to pay for classes at the moment.
Smaller payments? Much easier on my wallet.

I am really not looking forward to doing all this. Well, I'm not
looking forward to this enough to feel good about spending the money.

Easy ways to make money online: Clicks

It is pretty common nowlge that people use the ads on their site to make money. So there is always that hope for a click. Unfortunatly Google has in it's contract that you can not ask for clicks, thus you have to rely on the hope that people will know this and click your ad on their own.
How ever if you have enugh quality posts you can feel better knowing that the ads will be better targeted to your audiance. If they are then chances are that more people will see ads that catch their attention and thus cause them to click on them to see what the ad is all about.
Clicks will always pay more then views.
One click or 1,000 views could both pay $2. Something happening once might take less time then something happening 1,000 times. But then again 1,000 could happen quickly while you might have to wait a long time for that one thing to happen.
There is no way to force people to click ads just like there is no way to force people to your site. You just have to come up with really good topics and write high quality posts and hope for the best.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Did I mention that I started taking guitar lessons on the spring? If not, I am and it is extremely relaxing. Well, when I'm not hitting the wrong string or such. I am so amazed at how poor my dexterity is these day. This is really helping and I am going to look up some stretching methods and tab when I get the chance.

Or if and when I remember...

But! Yeah, this whole week has been crazy with the Fourth being in the middle of the week. I kept thinking Thursday was Monday and I made a lot of people laugh when I was checking them out. Fun times I tell ya.

This Monday I need to remember to swing by the collage and register for classes. I have to get my Associates because I am tired of just having it hanging in limbo. It needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Which will most likly push back my plans of buying a house but thems the breaks.

This also brings to mind that I need to get out of the house more. I had the whole house to myself and did I do anything different? No. Did I get anything accomplished? No.Am I pissed at my self? Yes.

Time managment is something I have been say that I need to better utilize and this week proved it. Now I jast have to figure out the how, the when and how not to go insane. Oi.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easy ways to make money online: Reliable updates

Reliable updates... Considering I completely messed up my own schedule I think this is an appropriate topic.
One of the harder things about posting is being consistent.
That said, it is always good to have a selection of back up posts all set up to post automatically. I consider these 'fillers' because that is what they are doing. They fill in the gaps that might happen when life takes you away from the computer.
Another important thing is to not apologise every single time you miss an update. Updates get missed, this is life. How ever if you disappear for a few weeks or months... then you should do an update post with an apology and explain that there might be a change in the frequency of your posts.
For the most part people worry more about you then your posts. Sure a comic being left on a cliffhanger is going to garner a lot of interest and such. But once they realise that you might not be able to update for other reasons? People start to worry.
Also, if you are posting a series it can take a load off your shoulders to have a cushion of auto posts so you don't have to scramble to come up with something. Just saying.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thank you Blogger

Thank you so much for eating all my paragraph breaks that I see when I send a post with e-mail or when I edit a post. Oi.

Easy ways to make money online: Math

So, I went over the time that will be spent and thought I should do a post on views you need to make money. Because money is the goal of blogging for money. This is going to be another long post but it breaks down the simple math for you to see. The pay off is not fast unless you really work at it.

If you do one post a week for a year that is 52 posts a year.

If you plan to do 3 posts a week per year that is 156 posts a year or about 12 posts a month.

If you plan to do 5 posts a week that brings you to 260 posts a year.

7 posts a dys will bering you to 364 posts a year.

If you get crazy and post 2 times a day every day of the week, you would be posting 730 a year.
This adds up to a lot of posts but how much time would you be spending per year typing up the posts? Using that 20 minuet per post average from my last post you would be spending just over 17 hours a year for 52 posts. For a goal of posting twice a day for a year? Over 243 hours a year.

Even with all that in mind it will still take about a year before you see any real money. You have to build up an audience who will view and hopefully click on your ads.

Say if you get $0.20 per click (not an actual amount and very low)? With only 52 posts a year you probably will not be getting very many clicks unless they are very good posts. I got maybe one click my first year.

When posting once a week, if you get 5 views to each post the day you post it and then 3 views in between when you post that would be 416 views your first year.

With three posts a week per year with the same views that would be 1,248 views your first year.

With five posts a week per year with the same views that would be 2,080 views your first year.

 At one click every 200 views you are looking at between $0.40 - $2.08 for your first year. That doesn't sound like that huge check some sites post images of. What you would need would be more posts or more people viewing your posts.

Say you get a small following your second year. 10 people check your site every day you post in addition to the base 8 views from the prior year that would bump the numbers up to $0.94 - $4.68 which is more then double the first year.

Lets get a little more ambitious, say you have been inter mingling with other bloggers and their blogs. Posting comments and taking part in discussions. Maybe you even wrote a guest blog post for a new friend in the blog world. So in stead of having 10 new followers you have 100.

At 52 posts a year that jumps your views to 5,200 from just your followers. That is quite a jump from the first years estimate of 416. Switching to just follower views&clicks you would be getting $5.20 - $26 a year.

Now, lets assume that you are using that SEO and other methods of getting you name out into the web and that you wrote 20 guest posts for other blogs. Perhaps you met people in person and they posted about you and linked to your blog. Lets even go so far as to say the stars aligned and you are just winning at the internet your third year.

Say you now have 1,000 followers who check your blog every time you post. Say you also get 500 random views for each new post and 300 in between each post. Bringing your views to 46,800 - 468,000 per year. That is $46.80 - $468 per year at one click every 200 views.

However, if you are getting that many views you are starting to enter the realm of pay for every 1,000 views. If you got $0.20 for every 1,000 views then that would give you an additional $9.36 - $93.60 per year bumping your total to $56.16 - $561.60 per year.

Now this is when we start to have fun with totals because for now we have only been talking about static numbers. Let us move into the world of the 'what if' scenario.

What if you were able to get 100 new followers every time you posted? That would be between 5,200 - 15,600 people a year finding your blog. Bump that number to 1,000 new people every time you post and that would be between 52,000 and 260,000 people a year.

At 52,000 and 260,000 people a year viewing your blog would be 2,704,000 - 13,520,000 views a year or $2,704 - $13,520 with one click for every 200 people.

Now this is the money you were thinking of when you started blogging. This is the kind of money eveyone thinks about making by doing nothing but as you can see it does take a lot of work.

Odviously the more people you get to your site every day with make a huge impact on the amount that you earn.

The more you take part in the community the more people will see you and the more chances you will have for clicks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Terror of Chipmunks!

So I have been battling the chipmunk apocalypse that is happening in my garden. Well yesterday I got a little revenge on one.
This particular chipmunk, that I have since named Bob, is extremely cocky and stubborn. Bob no longer runs away when I yell and open the gate. I can actually get within 3-4 feet of Bob before he runs away.
Now, I had been chasing Bob away from my plants and bird feeder of and on for about 30 minuets. Then I got the brilliant idea the bang on the back of an old pan as I chased him. So I waited and then I went on the other side of Bob and started chasing & banging the pan.
I ended up chasing Bob down the side of the house and back up it to his little hole. The whole time I was laughing. After that I didn't see him for a bit so I had assumed that I had one.
Cut to an hour after the chase and I am walking pas a row of hostas when a loud shriek comes from it. Needless to say I jumped. Then I heard a little barking. Bob apparently decided to get some revenge. So I yelled and shook the hosta leaves. I herd him ran back a little then charge at me while barking. I shook more leaves near were I thought he was and then I saw him zip around the side of the house.
Tonight I am going into the basement and finding my super soaker.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy ways to make money online: Time

Yes, I have talked about doing this and I am finally going to do a series of posts about easy ways to make money online.

While you probably can't hear me banging my head on my desk, I assure you that I am. I have had so much frustration on this subject that I can't even... Yeah more banging my head on the desk there.
The methods I have tried will be what I am posting about. They range from a parking a domain name, blogging, popular web searches for a website to god knows what else. I have so many pages of notes that I scribbled out and what if's... Thinking about the amount of time I have spent researching and testing methods is as amazing as it is frightening.

So, with that said I am going to talk about the time aspect. Easy money and time are not and will not be the same thing. The exception is if you plan on spending a boat load of money and having someone else do everything for you. (Which would be counter productive to the whole making money idea but if that is your prerogative then you are all set!)

Any 'easy way to make money online' is going to take a huge time investment.

First you have to figure out just what you want to do. did you want to write a blog about a little niche topic or one about something that you have endless amounts of knowledge on? While niche topics are will get you higher in Google search rankings they can be a bit harder to work with. You would really have to know your topic and that means more time needs to be spent on each post.

Then you need to find out what kind of site you want to have and if you want to make the site yourself. Using a blog service like Blogger does save you time because if you want to start from scratch with out knowing how to make a site... you could end up spending hours in classes or reading tutorials online and that is a really big nightmare. Trust me, cheat a little in the beginning and use a free blogging service or site.

This brings us to the time needed to set up all your accounts. (If you are going to make a separate Google account for your blog you have to keep in mind that Google only wants you to have one Blogger account. Google is effectively taking the anonymity out of the internet. I am not recommending one way or another about this.) A short list would be email, blogger, AdSense, and a web domain name. all you would have to register with before being able to use and then connecting them all together will take more time. You'd be looking at several hours to get this done for your first blog site.

You will need to set time aside to make your posts. This always seems like the easy part. But you have to log in to your blog, come up with a title, figure out what you are writing about, type out your post, label it and then make sure it posts.

If you are adding pictures to it then you need to take the pictures or find them, label them, add appropriate credits, up load them, add them to your post and then make sure they post properly. This is not a couple of minuets. A quality post with photos can take 20 or more to type and set up.
If you post with e-mail it will be faster to get the post on your blog but you will have to go back and label your post after you send it. You can also set it up to not post your e-blogs and then post and label them later. But still lots of time.

There is also getting people to your blog. Just posting can get you nothing for a long time, you will have to interact with other people and blogs that are similar to your topics. this also takes a lot of time because no one is going to automatically follow the new kid on the block.

There is also SOE which takes an insane amount of time just o figure out what it is, how it works and how you should go about it. There is a reason there are companies that offer to do this for you for a large price.

You could make a Facebook page and a Twitter account but these are time sinks and not worth it unless you are a big corporation with the need to be in constant contact with your customers. There are some people with blogs that do have a Facebook page and twitter accounts and yes they handle it well. The difference is that they already have a bigger following and did not use it to advertise.
Advertising is an option but will cost money and time.

Blog exchange sites also take time because you need to register and verify each blog you want to add. You also have to be posting on a more active level. If you only post 1-2 times a month or less then this probably won't be worth your time.

It takes time to get people to your site and it will take time before you see the profit from their views of ads or if you are lucky from their clicks on the ads.

This all takes time. There is no instant money from blogging. In some cases it can take years. If you are blogging to only make money it will show in your posts and chances are you will not make any money with out spending a lot of time on your blog.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Crappy People in Charge of Hiring

Wow that title is a tad bitter...

See, I never put much thought into the whole hiring proses beyond getting the job. It just never occurred to me that some people should never be allowed any ware near the hiring proses. Ever.

First thing first, if someone that you are interviewing with doesn't know the difference between a receptionist and a sales manager. Especially after you explain each time that no you are not a sales manager and they still try to convince you that no rally they are the same thing... you need to run and run very far away.

When it comes to job experiance and you know you don't have it say so. Because if you do get sold on a job that you feel or know you can't do, your screwed.

Yes I dealt with this and yes I did take the job. Guess what? they didn't spend any time training me nor did they want to. they wanted some one to start in another building that they didn't need to train. I had my warning flags and I ignored them. Even in my "exit interview" the person that hired me insisted that there was no difference between a receptionist and a sales manager. My only hope is that since an owner of the company was present at it (and completely miserable) I hope that they took a good look what that person did wrong and don't let them be in charge of hiring people.

I really, really can not tell you just how bitter I am about this whole thing. And beyond that, after seeing first hand how they run both the corporate and manufacturing sides I can never recommend or comment on them to people. I just don't feel comfortable about it.

However if anyone ever asks me if I think they should work there I will say no. And while I would love to ask who they are interviewing with I can't. I know that would put me in a bad position and I never want to deal with thous people or their company again.

So a short check list:
-  is a job/company/training solution sounds too good to be true.
- they tell you one amount for pay in the interview and tell you another in the offer.
- want you in another office building right away were no one else that would be training you works at.
- tell you that they "don't remember saying that" every time you talk to them about things from the interviews.
- they take 2 months for 3 interviews to narrow it to 2 people.
-the interviewer says "there is no difference between a receptionist and a sales manager".

Then the job is probably not the one you want to be with and you should run like hell. I wish I had run like hell and not taken that job. But it's done and over with. I feel so much better now that I have that out of my system.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another break...

I haven't posted lately because I am so exhausted.

I found a new job that is just... amazing. the people are real and that makes a world of difference. It's farther away but it's a nice commute.

The customers are out of their minds, full of themselves and I just can't tell you about the entitlement. Seriously one doctor went on vacation for the holiday and someone wanted him to come in specifically for them.

But that is stuff that goes away when the customer leaves.

Also? People bring us food. Not just sales people but some customers do and they are so amazing.

And there are sales reps that bring in food also. This is a bit complicated though because of new laws to prevent favoritism. Which is ridiculous because sales are made based on the sales persons ability to sale and be remembered rather then what they feed us. By 'us' I mean the whole office. Which is good because the good sales people talk to us also even if they don't feed us. The talking is a nice thing because it's not just sales but how you are doing.

And how they treat us is a big selling point because if there is a rep that only want to feed and talk to only the doctors then from what I have seen we don't really see a lot of that rep.

So with the new laws I feel bad for the good reps because they get massive budget cuts and we don't get to talk to them. A lot of them have really amazing products too. The only thing it will be good for is everyone's diet.

But my new job rocks! :3