Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So... Wow. A quick update?

Budget took a hit from my car. My planed move got pushed back one year. 

Good news: we are learning new stuff at work. 
Bad news: we are switching to a new system in one day with no gradual change. 

We are switching from out old system to medent. Instead of doing this gradually over the course of a month and just eating the price of our sanity... The company is waiting until the last moment and killing our old program ASAP.  Personally I feel we should have been adding new pt's to the new system and gradually adding the current pt's to the new schedual. But what do I (and the rest of my department) know?

I will not be surprised if we loose pt's over this. Sending medical records got a lot harder and we are down another person because she got her dream job. 

Lots of stress to be had. Plans and stories to post. Wednesday is not going to be fun. 

And yes, I will be posting an incoherent ramble Wednesday. Just warning.