Monday, July 26, 2021

Strange Views

 Maybe it's just the pandemic that is causing a steady spike? But looking at the view history of my blog it looks like I might be getting more views then normal?

Which is strange because it doesn't seem like Blogger is really supported anymore.

Then again, with everyone being stuck at home, some people might have re-discovered the value of blogs as places to voice complaints.

The biggest one being that people are horrible because they don't care about others and only care about themselves. Yes I am talking about the horrible people that refuse to wear a mask. I am not going to get into a religion rant but oh god could I ever. Same goes for the idiots that refuse to get vaccinated or to get their kids the standard vaccinations.

I still ware my mask and I am going to continue to ware one. I'm also vaccinated.

Why am I going to keep my mask?

First because it makes me feel safe because I do not trust people to do things to keep other people safe.

Second is because I really like my mask. It's a very nice way to say do not disturbed that is a touch more effective then headphones. Some people that would normally bother me just... don't? I don't know how to really explain it but my introvert instincts are loving it.

Third, I am actually comfortable doing selfies because no one can see my face.

Unfortunately any supper cute mask is just asking for someone to ask about it. So I can't even have something witty or mildly offensive because someone will take it as a conversation starter.


I think I will make an obnoxious mask for Halloween. Something shaped better to fit my face and with fangs. Maybe with a vail to hang under my chin to add elegance to the horror? and then I will do nothing. Well.. maybe one selfie? 

Oh well.... Time will tell.