Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The next plan

So, I am planing to move in two years. Not only does thins mean I have a lot of saving to do but I will have to find a new job. In California no less.

I have dabbled in a long distance job search before. It was a learning experience. An experience that will make this trip much easier. 

The first lesson is that there is no such thing as a long distance job hunt at my pay level. So I will have to be out there before I start my search. While I will be contacting a hireing agency I highly dought they will set up any interviews without meeting me first. 

I will also be sending my car before me. This way I can not only go to interviews but not have to worry about getting a job without having a ride. This will also save me money because I will not have to rent a car. 

I will be taking all my vacation after my car is out there. Then when I get back I will turn in my notice. I have not decided how I am going to tell them. With our new manager I can't trust that she won't drop me the moment she finds out. And I really would like to not have to deal with unemployment during my move. 

Personally I have no intention of claiming unemployment unless the manager does something to me. Then there I cobra and all the other little details. 

Thank god this isn't happening for two years. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gota love blogging

So, I got a new phone. I have been dragging my feet about it because I didn't want shell out the money for a data plan.

However... I finally broke down.

Maybe this will help with my blogging? Hmmm... Probably not.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A new plan for things to come

So, one or two years ago I was thinking that I would like to own a house in my area. How ever since I have been to California  I have been thinking about moving back here. I didn't realize how much I missed being here.

This actually came to me the moment my plane landed. All I could think was "I'm home".

Sadly, house prices are mad crazy high right now and with my current job I wouldn't be able to save enough for a house. I think I might be able to save about $700 a month if I try really, insanely hard and save every penny I can. How ever this will only be possible after I have paid off my bill's and car. Which will be about one year from now.

Then it would come down to if I wanted to buy a house in two years and still live in New York for another two years to pay it off a little bit before moving back to look for a job. This would give me no savings and no job. But I would have a house and my car to search.

The second plan would be to save up for four years before moving back. This would leave me with a lot of money but no place to live. The chances of buying a house without a job is slim to non-existent.

Theoretically I could try to get into the first time home buyers savings account here in California but they might require me to already be a resident of the state. Unfortunately the housing market is really high right now and I don't think I have a chance at these prices. Oi.

I might have to look into buying land and not a finished house.

This would be a different kind of monster but it would allow me to worry less because there would be no house for things to happen to without me there.  This would actually be a good idea because of some sneaky ideas for building tiny houses from barns. Then again this means I have to start researching the local housing codes.

Hmmm... more research! Yeay!