Friday, December 31, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 12-31-2021

 Future Friday Predictions & Planning  12-31-2021

 I thought I would be so smooth skipping 12-31-2021 and doing the week before.... but that is 12-24-2021. Back to the 31st it is.

Which is to say that I am still skipping this Future Friday because of the last 2 years. going to start this new one a little different I think.

So any future predictions will be waiting until the last Friday on Jan and Jan is already going to be a tough crappy so. Why not? And no, that is not a prediction because I have to go to the dentist. It is a Thing and I do not like it.

So! no Future Friday today!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A covid thing

 A covid thing

 Less then thrilling things to talk about to start. 

First I was at a wedding were absolutely no precautions were taken or followed by the reception company. I am suggesting heavily to the confirmed covid case to go after them. They were supposed to check for vax cards and didn't even do that. I know for a fact they were not enforcing any mask rules because not a single person mentioned being asked to & my family is full of mouthy nags. Outside of one or two employees? The majority of the employees were not wearing masks.

I'm vaxed & boosted and the same for my immediate family and fortunately I am an introvert extreme so I didn't have to even try very hard to isolate. 

A pet theory that is literally only applicable to my place of work, is that prior to covid being in the US in Jan or Fab 2019, my office got exposed to one virus and one flu-thing that went through the ranks for 2 months and knocked everyone on our butts. One was a weaker flu-like thing, that might have also been a virus, that was about a week long. The other was a virus that was horrible and took about two weeks to a month depending on the person.

From what my department can figure out is that as far as we know, none of us have gotten covid that had both of the other things. Or at the very least the harder hitting virus.

We all have also been getting the vax's and the boosters.

Again, this is a pet theory that only applies to my office and no place else.

It reminded me of the discovery of the small pox vax. With milk maids not getting small pox because they had had cow pox.

The symptoms were very similar but no one was hospitalized. Horrible hacking coff and fevers. We all tried to keep our distance as much as possible and sanitized everything but it still went through everyone.

I was lucky with the first week that I wasn't too too bad. But I was also lucky that I had a week vacation planed and was at my parents house for the worst of it. The third week when I was at home was bearable. My parents ended up catching it from me and fortunately they were both retired.

Again, there is no proof about this pet theory other then personal experience and the hope that we are right.

I think that what we had was a super early version of covid. There was one person that had traveled to what turned out to be a hot spot for covid. That was about one to two weeks before people started getting sick. The only reasion I knew someone had even traveled there was because my two coworkers that knew the person welcomed them back from their trip as we got breakfest one day.

There isn't a shred of actual proof that this is the origin of the virus we had in Nov & Dec 2018.

The only horrible way to prove this theory is if everyone at the wedding we went to got covid and the three of us didn't. That is not something I want to find out like that. 

I really can't over state that this is a pet theory. My family and I still got the vax and the boosterand will be getting any & all boosters that come out.

Ewan Dobson Music rec

Ewan Dobson of the techno acoustic guitar song that got super popular in the early days of youtube.

 Specifically this one. No not the original but it's the 12 string version which is also good.

 His main youtube channel is here:

He will sometimes do live videos in the early morning. Its fun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Second Tuesdays Update 12-14-2021

Second Tuesdays Update 12-14-2021

And then there was snow. I am never fully ready for the snow.

At some point I am going to be making a post about my mechanical keyboard that i got. It's not the best but I like it and trying to use the click click as a reward to myself. The squeak might drive me batty tho...

You know, assuming that I actually type anything with it. My family loves the feel of it but my mom & sister don't really like the sound. My dad didn't think the squeak was that bad. 

My sister doesn't like the round key caps but she loves the colors.

Actually, the sound/feel reward for typing seems to work because this is the most i have typed in a long time in one sitting. I made a few other posts to social media and wow. Yeah this works for me.

Mechanical keyboard rabbit hole post will happen but... on to other things.

I was able to fill some gaps in the front deck/porch but not all of them. I really have to replace the steps and that will have to wait for next year. Most notably the draft has gone way down. there are still a few spots that I need to fill but it's an improvement. Baby steps.

The urge to paint some of the walls in my house is growing. but since I can't open any of the windows and I am not opening my doors to get a draft gonging, it's just going to have to wait until next year. The unfortunate bit is that the pink actually goes with the furniture bit I added and is starting to look good. but I can't stand it. That room is going to be a few shades of grey.

So! On to next month!

Monday, December 6, 2021

When All Else Fails Work for the IRS

 When All Else Fails Work for the IRS

 I wish this was a joke but sadly, this isn't.

I am sure that there are some people that have not heard about NFT's which had been un-regulated to a small point. Well! the easy money laundering is over because they are regulated and that means you have to pay taxes on them now!

So what does this have to do with working for the IRS? Simple! 

The short version is Head Hunting.

Or you could just apply to work for the IRS directly. Either way the thing is money money Money!

The IRS used to give a head hunting or a finders fee for legitimate reports of people not paying taxes. Both in house to employees and to non-employees. This was a super fast way for people to make money but it was also super hard to prove.

Until the digital age.

Some people were using the NFT's as being the next best thing because they are un-trackable and blah blah blah. Basically all the "good"reasons was just money laundering & scams. And the energy usage is destroying the earth.

But now they have to pay taxes on them. That means they HAVE to be track-able.

well.... since you know people have been talking these up and flaunting how much they have spent or 'invested' in NFT's? There is your easy head hunting. Right there. They literally did all the work for you.

Plus the IRS is always looking for people. One would assume that the legitimate and non-money laundering people will promptly look for someone to hire for helping them file their taxes.

Personally I am betting on some people belatedly claiming identity theft so you just know the credit card companies and banks are going to be a nightmare.

Speaking of banks. Banks have to tell the government about suspicions transaction or big transaction or yada yada. The old 'trick' of only sending someone $9,999 to avoid taxes is total bull. Banks do this for a living and they do not fear people trying to do a sneaky thing. They just let which ever bit og the government know to cover their own butts.

This is going to pan out poorly for the people who spent money on them.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 11-26-2021

 Future Friday Predictions & Planning  11-26-2021

 Ah... Black Friday! I have shopped once and only once at a mall on black Friday. I will never do it again but I was also lucky that it was a good first/last experience.

Now, for things that I really start thinking about with the changing season. Namely with the drop in temperature and the fact that I will have to eventually pay to have the skirting around my houses foundation spray foamed to stop the insane amount of drafts.

Technically there is snow at my house, or so I will assume.

not much else to think about because it's the end of fall and I really don't have ideas on what to expect.


Monday, November 15, 2021

Day Light Alarm but Cheaper

Day Light Alarm but Cheaper

So some time last year I accidentally murdered my daylight alarm clock.

I had bumped it and it fell off my nightstand for a second time and that was enough for it to go off it's gears with the alarm function. The alarm would not only go off when ever it wanted but would do a random sound and random duration's of light. It was like my own little nature rave.

Seeing as it’s now late enough in fall that the sun is drastically different... I really needed a new one. Or so I thought.

I didn’t want to put out $$ for a delicate flower of an alarm clock. This time I got LED light bulbs for Day Light and a plugin timer. I already had an old book lamp from the late 80′s so I was set on that from.

I opted not to have it shine directly in my face and instead have it pointing at the wall were the sun normally rises from.

So far it has been super effective.

I already have my normal alarms on my phone but just having this light turn on before them is so helpful. 

This is the GE 24-Hour Heavy Duty Indoor Plug-in Mechanical Timer 2 Pack that I got

And this is the Regal LED A19 Light Bulb 5000K Daylight 5 Pack that I got 

I got more then just a single of each because I actually needed more timers and the light bulbs were more cost efficient as a 5 pack. I plan to use them in other lamps also. So no wasted funds.

Hope this helps!

Links are amazon associate links.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Second Tuesdays Update 11-9-2021

 Second Tuesdays Update 11-9-2021


I had a surge of "need to do" and I moved a little furniture around. I also almost broke my arm because of physics and I did not plan for adjusting my grip on the shelving that I almost had to lift over my head. Yeah... It turned out good tho so now I just have to load it up with dishes and then... pick a paint color and paint the walls. After I take the thing down again. 

I was going to paint everything first but then I just didn't.

 Slowly my witch aesthetic is taking over my house. If only it would unpack as it went.

Blog related news, I have started a post and it is going to have affiliate links in it. I'm not sure how to feel about it. On one hand I have used said products and feel relatively good about linking to them. On the other hand... I can hear googles algorithm just biding it's time. Waiting in broad day light to either strike my blog down or god knows what.

Which... It seems to be much harder to have a new blog these days. Goint to have a post on that also.

I also started playing a pay-to-win fashion game on my phone. I spent so much money on the Halloween dresses. Well, so much money for me because I don't really like to spend money on games. Oh well.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 10-29-2021

  Future Friday Predictions & Planning  10-29-2021

At the point I am writing this I still do not have my car back. Do I have it back when this posts? who knows! *update I have it back!!!*

It is also hard to plan because most thoughts are Halloween! Will I have decorated? No.

Have I gone through all my past Amazon orders and started working on review posts? Also no.

Waaaay back at the beginning of this blog I talked about how much work the 'math' made it look like. I am still right about the amount of work that is needed. It does not get easier in the why that I had hoped.

It does get easier taking a look at it and saying 'not today'. But that is another thing.

This little experiment has really brought to light how boring my life is when written down. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

old blog posts that didn't make it

 I guess you could see that as a short horro story. I found some of the old blog posts that I started but never did anything with. Some as old as 2011...

I haven't tried reading any of them yet, mostly because I am going to be laughing myself to death and I would like to notify my next of kin.Also I'm writing this at the end of my lunch break so atm there is no time.

Will any of these make it? Maybe.


Yeah, no I came to my senses.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Kidney Friend

 I wish I was joking about this but there was a... whole crazy plagiarism thing going on in Twitter land a few days ago.

Long story short, a bully got caught mocking a person and plagiarizing them because they took an email and put it in their book.

The fanfic writer in me screams at this because... holy crap you do not do that!

 the phrase 'bad art friend' is just.... thats not how it works.

How do I start? If you are going to make fun of someone you do not plagiarize them or  they will find out!

You also don't use their name, their kidney donation or any identifying things when you are using them for inspiration!!!!

The internet is forever and subpoenas will find it.

What really gets me about this is the way that the bully talks about it. You can tell that she has written stories like this about other people. How much you want to be that she has even publish them? 

Lastly, good luck reading about it. Just skimming it was horrible.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Second Tuesdays Updates

 So I was talking with my friend about how if I exercise for two or more days then it’s like my body goes into starvation mode & no amount of food will stop the hunger. Like, usually it would happen but not with such intense ravines unstoppable hunger. 

And then yesterday I decided to track my calories and holy crap am I totally not eating enough. 

So now I’m hunting for super extremely easy meal ideas. 

This is less easy because.… everything that says ‘easy’ has like 12 ingredients and prep time. My ADHD says no. My grab & go instinct says no. 

It’s funny because the last time I tracked calories a serving of chips was closer to 200-300 calories per serving. Yesterday I found out it’s now just over 100 calories per serving. Oops. 

For now I think I will be adding back one sugary drink into the mix because hey, easy calories! Right up until I can find anything better that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. That crap just doesn’t do anything for me. 

I also need to figure out a waist wiggle exercise program to do that won’t kill my back. Old back injury = ow. 

And I need to figure out what part of the day is best for me to exercise because it used to be right before bed but now my knees are disagreeing with that. 

Oh well. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 9-24-2021

  Future Friday Predictions & Planning 9-24-2021


So planned posts ideas that I may or may not do because of *waves hand*.

What the Heck is Blogger up to




More making money on the internet and why it doesn't work

Item reviews of things I have purchased from amazon (this is going to be weird and will have associate links in it)

ADD ADHA and how they are lumped together because the only symptoms are the ones parents and teachers don't like aka complaint diagnosis

your job requiring a vaccine is not a HIPAA violation

anti-vaxx people are killing everyone that is following the rules

common decency is as rare as common sense


 This is all that I can think of atm but as always thing will change or be forgotten because that is just how things are. And then I will remember to look at this post and go 'oh yeah!" and possibly repeat the cycle again.

Trying to do more things for a healthy-er coping mech-a-whatever because I am board with my violent video game of choice.

I'm also avoiding writing some stories/books because i can't find all my notes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Second Tuesdays Updates 9-13-2021 (9-15-2021)

late Second Tuesdays Updates 9-13-2021 (9-15-2021)

 Well, I am still waiting on my car. The rumor from the dealership is that the part might be made and shipped out on 9-20 but i'm not holding my breath.

and then the weekend got away from me and that is why you are seeing this very short thing on Wed. Sorry.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 8-27-2021

Now this will be the thing that kills me with my own hubris.

 Future Friday Predictions & Planning!

 Well... or something like that.

When I started this I was not expecting to be trapped in another state while waiting on my car warranty.

But that is now the past and this is for the future.

One thing I do have to start is re-touching or finding my resume. It's time for the hunt to start again and i am not happy. There is a long story about that for later.

The house is still a house. It is still not unpacked.

welp... that would be that for this month? I honestly thought I would have more to put. Maybe next time?

Monday, August 16, 2021

When Good Jobs Go Bad

 When Good Jobs Go Bad. 

Or when a bad supervisor takes over the whole of the dept and pushes their Bad Ideas that no one likes onto everyone and then they can't figure out why everyone is leave the dept like a sinking ship.

This is not the first time, and sadly this will not be the last time.

I fully admit to having hoped that the supervisor that is literally driving all the good people away from my department was going to jump ship. I had been hoping. I knew it was almost impossible because they have such a death grip in our department.

This person is a micromanager and is very good and not having anything they say written down so you can not use it to defend yourself. The only thing good about them is that when they really want to have your back, they do in fact have your back. They also support the work from home for now.

But they also pick favorites and when they set their sights on you you are pretty much done for.

I am fairly cirtian that they have been trying to get me into their department for a little while. 

They are also fully aware that I refuse to be in their department.

Right now myself and another are being used as tests for learning the stuff in the other department because the plan is to merge them. This is extremely stressful because I hate and refused to be apart of this particular department.

I have a feeling that they are trying this so that when this idea doesn't work, and it's won't, that oh look! the two of you are already trained so you have new jobs now!

I will go to HR if they try that because I did not and will not ever apply for that job and they technically can not force me to move to it because they couldn't keep my department fully staffed before the pandemic and they have shown that they still can't do it now.

I also think that they are setting the new supervisor up as a fall guy. They did it to all the others with varying degrees of success.

I, perhaps, should have tried for the harder butt kissing department were the supervisor that I like moved to. 

There is another department I wouldn't mind looking into but the hours are horrendous. The person I knew that did work there got out as fast as possible but they had no life at all until they did.

I currently have a very good plan because I am not faking how long this new crap takes me to do. It's overly confusing and doing extra work for another department. If I mess up I mess up because that was the only other reason I wanted nothing to do with it. Outside of the supervisor.

If this person wasn't known for being underhanded and back stabbing I wouldn't worry. As it is I will be pitching a fit about this and all the stupid stuff until it's fixed or I find a new job. 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Second Tuesday Updates 8-10-2021

 Second Tuesday Updates? What am I thinking?

Chaos mostly. Let me explain.

I'm trying get any kind of schedule for both blogging and writing. I knew getting into this that it wasn't going to be easy. I have an old blog post were I Did Math and regretted it.

Honestly most of this had been out of spite at an old job. Surprisingly not bad spite. Just spite of the I-know-what-I-am-talking-about kind of spite. Scary to think what the numbers would have looked like if some life things hadn't have happened. Oh and the whole certain company getting sued because they didn't pay bloggers their less the $100 when they cleared out bloggers with out reason.

So! Second Tuesday Updates are going to be general updates. They will be a little out of date because *gestures at entire blog* precedence?

I might end up making a cushion of 1-2 posts just so I can laugh at my own hubris. Actually, that give me a really good/bad idea for another type of post that I could be able to buffer.

Maybe this isn't that bad of an idea?

Well... here goes something.

Monday, August 2, 2021

on the Volt car Warranty

 Long story short car financial managers are going to lie to you that the very very clearly specified warranty will not cover what it says it will. They will say it only covers the battery.

Like I said, they lie.

There is a 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty by Chevy/GM that covers all the electronics that make the car run in their Warranty Manuel that is listed on their site but that the dealership will try to charge you $4,000+ to fix. Specifically the BECM.

This only work if you are still in/under the 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty!!

 I didn't even know about this warranty let alone that I was still covered by it. Thankfully my friend did and was texting me info on it while we were talking about it before I authorized the work. 

No your tech guys will not check the warranty for you. Again you will need to specify VoltTech and the Warranty Manuel that is on GM's site.

There are a few small-ish things like the 12volt battery that can cost $200 & the $400 coolant flushing that they have to do 3 times & they are required to do (I am still arguing about this one but seems legit) and any  other thing that is not the main control box or specifies as being under the VoltTech warranty.


Also AAA got me a super Super awesome tow company that was able to give me a ride with them to the dealership near my parents that was almost 3 hours away from the gas station that my car wouldn't turn back on at. Super awesome guys.

Now if you just say that you found info on it on a website no one is going to take you seriously. That is why you have to specify VoltTech and the Warranty Manuel that is on GM's site.

 The site I found that told me about the VoltTech part was

The problem I (and a ton of others) had was "shift to park" error.

There is a forced restart that I did by accident when my car wouldn't start the day before my trip. something like holding the power button on for 10-20 seconds and then leaving the door open for 60 seconds. I did this while freaking out in my driveway at home. This is a full shutdown of the car because the "shift to park" error doesn't let you shut your car off all the way.

So! fortunately because I freaked out the day before I was completely calm when I had the same problem at the gas station and I was totally not shocked when the earlier solution didn't work.

I do think my calm and relaxed attitude threw the tow guys for a loop. But they were super awesome.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Strange Views

 Maybe it's just the pandemic that is causing a steady spike? But looking at the view history of my blog it looks like I might be getting more views then normal?

Which is strange because it doesn't seem like Blogger is really supported anymore.

Then again, with everyone being stuck at home, some people might have re-discovered the value of blogs as places to voice complaints.

The biggest one being that people are horrible because they don't care about others and only care about themselves. Yes I am talking about the horrible people that refuse to wear a mask. I am not going to get into a religion rant but oh god could I ever. Same goes for the idiots that refuse to get vaccinated or to get their kids the standard vaccinations.

I still ware my mask and I am going to continue to ware one. I'm also vaccinated.

Why am I going to keep my mask?

First because it makes me feel safe because I do not trust people to do things to keep other people safe.

Second is because I really like my mask. It's a very nice way to say do not disturbed that is a touch more effective then headphones. Some people that would normally bother me just... don't? I don't know how to really explain it but my introvert instincts are loving it.

Third, I am actually comfortable doing selfies because no one can see my face.

Unfortunately any supper cute mask is just asking for someone to ask about it. So I can't even have something witty or mildly offensive because someone will take it as a conversation starter.


I think I will make an obnoxious mask for Halloween. Something shaped better to fit my face and with fangs. Maybe with a vail to hang under my chin to add elegance to the horror? and then I will do nothing. Well.. maybe one selfie? 

Oh well.... Time will tell.

Monday, February 8, 2021

pandemic problems

pandemic problems

people need to ware their masks.

people need money to stay at home.

people actually need to be considerate to other people because they could end up killing people if they don't.

A lot of this boils down to people refusing to take responsibility that their actions can and will have unforeseen consequences to people other then themselves.

So much about this that needs to happen so it will go away but then again, if our government actually stepped up and did the $2,000 a month then it would be gone.

Hell, If we each got a universal amount to live off of that was $2k a month plus universal health insurance? I would totally keep my job because that would mean I would have so much money to spend that I could actually invert into the businesses by buying things again. I haven't had the freedom to just spend money for the fun of it since my first job when I still lived at home.

The american economy only works if companies pay people enough to have some disposable income. 

Taking away jobs in a time of need is a way to make sure no one will work for your company because you have shown that you don't value them. On top of countless other things.

For people wondering were all this money could come from? Take it from the military budget. No more artisanal weapons. Hell, they can't even take care of the veterans because all of their money is going into weapons.

Things are going to get worse even with out the body count.