Friday, October 29, 2021

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 10-29-2021

  Future Friday Predictions & Planning  10-29-2021

At the point I am writing this I still do not have my car back. Do I have it back when this posts? who knows! *update I have it back!!!*

It is also hard to plan because most thoughts are Halloween! Will I have decorated? No.

Have I gone through all my past Amazon orders and started working on review posts? Also no.

Waaaay back at the beginning of this blog I talked about how much work the 'math' made it look like. I am still right about the amount of work that is needed. It does not get easier in the why that I had hoped.

It does get easier taking a look at it and saying 'not today'. But that is another thing.

This little experiment has really brought to light how boring my life is when written down. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

old blog posts that didn't make it

 I guess you could see that as a short horro story. I found some of the old blog posts that I started but never did anything with. Some as old as 2011...

I haven't tried reading any of them yet, mostly because I am going to be laughing myself to death and I would like to notify my next of kin.Also I'm writing this at the end of my lunch break so atm there is no time.

Will any of these make it? Maybe.


Yeah, no I came to my senses.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Kidney Friend

 I wish I was joking about this but there was a... whole crazy plagiarism thing going on in Twitter land a few days ago.

Long story short, a bully got caught mocking a person and plagiarizing them because they took an email and put it in their book.

The fanfic writer in me screams at this because... holy crap you do not do that!

 the phrase 'bad art friend' is just.... thats not how it works.

How do I start? If you are going to make fun of someone you do not plagiarize them or  they will find out!

You also don't use their name, their kidney donation or any identifying things when you are using them for inspiration!!!!

The internet is forever and subpoenas will find it.

What really gets me about this is the way that the bully talks about it. You can tell that she has written stories like this about other people. How much you want to be that she has even publish them? 

Lastly, good luck reading about it. Just skimming it was horrible.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Second Tuesdays Updates

 So I was talking with my friend about how if I exercise for two or more days then it’s like my body goes into starvation mode & no amount of food will stop the hunger. Like, usually it would happen but not with such intense ravines unstoppable hunger. 

And then yesterday I decided to track my calories and holy crap am I totally not eating enough. 

So now I’m hunting for super extremely easy meal ideas. 

This is less easy because.… everything that says ‘easy’ has like 12 ingredients and prep time. My ADHD says no. My grab & go instinct says no. 

It’s funny because the last time I tracked calories a serving of chips was closer to 200-300 calories per serving. Yesterday I found out it’s now just over 100 calories per serving. Oops. 

For now I think I will be adding back one sugary drink into the mix because hey, easy calories! Right up until I can find anything better that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. That crap just doesn’t do anything for me. 

I also need to figure out a waist wiggle exercise program to do that won’t kill my back. Old back injury = ow. 

And I need to figure out what part of the day is best for me to exercise because it used to be right before bed but now my knees are disagreeing with that. 

Oh well.