Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Way to Not Get an Interview

Please do not use a resume that is a photo copy of a photo copy X infinity.... It shows and people will pass it around and laugh at it for a few moments before tossing it out. An almost clear envelope that is written poorly is also not a good idea. Also, only send one to the company and not one to every person in the company.

And send a cover letter or letter of intrest/intent.

And for the love of god send it to a company whose industry you actually have experience in.

This person had the degrees, experiance and age to know better then to do something stupid like this.

If I ever dis this I would want to be mocked.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Not to Get an Interview

So, over at Ask a Manager there is a lovely post of what not to do with your cover letter. This is the link you will laugh your self silly over.

In the comments I mentioned that it looked like it had been photo copied to death. Perhaps this person has been using this method for some time. Or worse, perhaps someone is giving people that page and telling them to fill it out like that? Either way it is a Very Bad Idea.

Also, an extremely humorous one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Debt and Controlling Mothers

By controlling mothers I mean less on getting them to do what you want and more on them trying to control every aspect of your life.

My mom has done everything she can to avoid talking to me about my finances. While I do blame her for conditioning me to letting her handle all this. I do blame myself for letting this go on for so long. I know I should have dug my heels in back 11 years ago when I first noticed. My sister agrees that she turns our words around to make it sound like she is doing us a favor. Unfortunately I have no idea were she keeps my bills or even were she keeps my check book.

Yes, she insists on holding onto my check book for me. Hell, she still tries to hold my hand if we cross the street together.

Don't think I don't love her, I do. I just can't grasp why she feels the need to control everything I do. She gets upset if I don't ask her for her opinion/permission when I do things. I tell her what I plan on doing so I don't have to listen to her complain about it for the next days/weeks/years/forever.

A lot of my debt can be blamed on blind trust. Blind trust in my mother that I willingly did and still do. I think I am conditioned to do it. How ever that don't put the blame on anyone but myself. My conversations with her would be something like this.
Me: Can I afford this?
Her: Yes.

Every single time she will say yes. Upon getting a bill I would ask her why did she say I could afford it when I couldn't. She would say "You can't afford anything I don't know why you bought that." This was the start of the mother of all arguments. It was also when I stopped asking my mom for advice.

However the damage was done and it was done well.

At this rate back peddling is not an option. I need to do everything I can to take away what ever power she thinks she has over me. Fortunately my dad is helping a little, but only a little as he has to live with her after I move out. If I move out. God I hope I move out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dressing for the Job

This is a very true and very harsh topic and unfortunately no matter what people say jobs do judge you on your appearance. This is why some people can still land a job just by looking 'cute'. Even if they don't have some or most of the requirements because of how they look they can get almost any job if they really need to.

They also don't realize this.

If you don't dress just right for your interview then you won't land the job. Too fancy and you won't get it. Not fancy enough and you won't get it. I think that if you look like your are ready to work for the company rather then 'dressing for an interview' that you would have more luck. I did that for my current job and I got it. My bosses also complained that I haven't straitened my hair since. I think I should start doing that again.

And if you think your male boss/coworkers are not looking at your appearance think again. I can't tell you how many times my boss 'teased' me about my white socks. I wore them with black shoes and pants. I finally told him that if it bothered him that much he could buy them for me. That shut him up but I did end up getting them.

It did shock me at how much the guys in the office talked about fashion. Well... more whined but still, it was interesting. Their conversation on pink was highly amusing.

Dressing for an interview can get even more frustrating if you can't seem to get called for an interview. This can cause people to get depressed. Because why get the nice outfit that will go out of style before you can ware it?

I think that if you think of it as treating yourself to a new outfit that will come in handy, then you can start getting into a positive point of view. Personally I would try for this 2-3 times a year because fashions and personal tastes do change. Plus, it won't hurt your budget as much unlike if you grab them all at once.

Baby steps, but you have to start someplace.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Voice of Reasion

So... Even though I said I would be calm I wasn't. I sent a few panicky Facebook messages to my friend in CA and then a few more apologizing to her. She called today and we talked and I'm pretty sure that she rolled her eyes at me a few times. She also laughed at me. This is a good thing.

First she nixed the idea of me getting a hotel room. She also think renting a car would be a waste of money but she agrees that it would give me more options to get to possible interviews. She defiantly thinks it's about time I moved to a new city.

She is very reasonable, my friend.

She is going to e-mail me when she finds out which month would be the best month to go out there. She is doing this ASAP because the gas rates are making the price of airfare skyrocket. This way we will be able to have the most time to go do stuff. And if I happen to find a job while I'm out there? Even better.

This puts me in a position were I have to have a plan. I admit I like this and ironically it calms me down a bit. Digging through my finances is going to be fun... ick.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Revelations in the Planning Department

If I wanted to move to California I would have to do the same planning that I have done for New York City. The only difference is I would have to factor rent into my math. i have no idea who would rent a room to me for a few months. Let alone how to go about it.

And I have no intention of wrecking a friendship just to have a place to stay. She did that once for me before and I bailed. I will not do that to her again. Plus the more I think about this the more it feels like a bad idea.

Actually, I'm starting to talk myself out of the idea as I type this.

Maybe I should hold off on planning anything until I hear from the college. I wish the college would just tell me if I was accepted or not. Especially since they had me ask the government for money already. The school is supposed to be really good so I really would like to attend their bachelors program. Uhg.

Monday, March 7, 2011

College and Choices

So, I never thought about what would happen if I didn't get accepted into this new college that  I want to go to. I have/had no contingency plan at all for the possibility of a what if scenario.

But at least I now have the start of one.

Provided I do not get accepted I should take my two weeks of vacation time and go to NYC or San Fransisco to job hunt. I start calling agencies and applying 2 weeks before I leave with all the nice contact info in my cover letters along with when I will be in the city.

The main problem with going out to San Fransisco is that I will have to rent a car and force myself onto my one friend that lives there. And if I find a job? I have no idea what I would do for living accommodations. I would be SOL. I would have to drive my car there with it packed with things I would need. I would be in debt up past my eyeballs.

If I went to NYC I could stay at my sisters and ride a bike/use mass transit to get around. Then if i was hired I could jump around and stay with family until I could get my own place. I don't know what I wold do about my car.

I think now would be the time to unload some of my beading supplies onto the internet. I won't get what I initially paid but it should help in the long run. Oi... planning sucks.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Using in Your Job Search is a wonderful site.

As a search engein it combs through a great many job posting sites and lets you know when they posted. They can show you hiring & salary trends and let you aearch in other cities. Plus you can have new postings sent to you automaticaly. You can also see who made the posting if you want to avoid hiring agents.

But! They are not an actual job posting site, more like a third party search site. They just direct you to the site which has the posting for the position that you are looking for. So you will have to register with the other sites that you are sent to.

Yet with how nicely it will streamline your search I feel it's totally worth registering with other sites.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 29. Woop-dee-do. This weekend I am dragging my parents to a few store that I have been wanting to check out and then for Dim Sum. The tasty-ness will be mine! Mwahahaha!

On the college front I am waiting for my acceptance letter before I can go any further. I did find out there is part time dorms. If I can get into it I won't have to pay as much nor have to commute home at 10pm. Which in my opinion is totally worth the money. Woot.

The job hunt is going slow. I'm staying in touch with my agents. One let me know about an opening that was almost twice as far away as my current job. I politely declined it and thanked her for thinking of me. I hope no bridges were burned.

During my own searches I jut poke around and if something really catches my eye I'll toss out a resume to it. Providing I remember. I haven't been spending too much time in front of my computer at home, which is a good thing.

On the future front, I realized while driving into work that if I was going to be out of work while looking for a job in NYC then why don't I take a few months and look in San Fransisco first? My friend and my sister both think I should move back there because it would be good for me. Cash would be tight but it could turn out ok. Even if I wasn't in the city itself but in the general Bay Area it would still be good.This will definitely require further planning.

So, the waiting and planning game is getting old. One day I'll be free to a different waiting game but for now this works.