Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asking for a job at your doctors office

Don't do it.

If you do and are told that they are not hiring for the love of god do
not keep asking and insisting that they need to call you because you
really need this for convenience reasons. In fact this will only make
you look worse.

Seriously, this is not a way to endear yourself to a potential employer.

First, the people at the check out counters have and want nothing to
do with hiring. They are busy checking people out and if you are
holding up the line this makes everyone upset at them.

Second, trying to grab your doctor or their secretary and insist upon
them that they should hire you for the location and position that you
want is a really fast way to piss everyone off. That is extremely
inconsiderate to the secretaries, the doctors and their patients.

Most doctors offices will hire through a hiring agency. This is
because they do not have the time to interview people because they are
busy treating patients. Walking into a doctors office and asking for
the hiring manager when you have no idea if they are hiring or not is
a great way to get your resume tossed with out a second thought. No
one is going to be interested in hiring someone that inconsiderate.

I know this seems harsh, but seriously if you do this I have little
sympathy. If you do this after commenting on how busy we are then I
have no sympathy for you at all.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School woes and adding to debt

So I have waited, until what seems that last minuet, to register for
classes. While this is not normally a horrendous thing, my collage has
changed some of their methods and now screwed me out of being able to
register and check my transcript. They have a generic message that
insinuates they are looking into things but I more then likely have to
call and talk to them directly about this. I missed the change over by
one week and thus here I am.

I would love to just stop by and register but I was hoping to take the
easy route.

Now I can't. I can't even see what required classes I need because
that is locked away in the registered users sections. Which is such a
good way to get students to join your school. Me? Bitter? Never!

I also have to figure out which credit card I am going to use to pay
for my classes.

This is were the debt part comes into play. I do not have a semester
sized cushion in my bank account to pay for classes at the moment.
Smaller payments? Much easier on my wallet.

I am really not looking forward to doing all this. Well, I'm not
looking forward to this enough to feel good about spending the money.

Easy ways to make money online: Clicks

It is pretty common nowlge that people use the ads on their site to make money. So there is always that hope for a click. Unfortunatly Google has in it's contract that you can not ask for clicks, thus you have to rely on the hope that people will know this and click your ad on their own.
How ever if you have enugh quality posts you can feel better knowing that the ads will be better targeted to your audiance. If they are then chances are that more people will see ads that catch their attention and thus cause them to click on them to see what the ad is all about.
Clicks will always pay more then views.
One click or 1,000 views could both pay $2. Something happening once might take less time then something happening 1,000 times. But then again 1,000 could happen quickly while you might have to wait a long time for that one thing to happen.
There is no way to force people to click ads just like there is no way to force people to your site. You just have to come up with really good topics and write high quality posts and hope for the best.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Did I mention that I started taking guitar lessons on the spring? If not, I am and it is extremely relaxing. Well, when I'm not hitting the wrong string or such. I am so amazed at how poor my dexterity is these day. This is really helping and I am going to look up some stretching methods and tab when I get the chance.

Or if and when I remember...

But! Yeah, this whole week has been crazy with the Fourth being in the middle of the week. I kept thinking Thursday was Monday and I made a lot of people laugh when I was checking them out. Fun times I tell ya.

This Monday I need to remember to swing by the collage and register for classes. I have to get my Associates because I am tired of just having it hanging in limbo. It needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Which will most likly push back my plans of buying a house but thems the breaks.

This also brings to mind that I need to get out of the house more. I had the whole house to myself and did I do anything different? No. Did I get anything accomplished? No.Am I pissed at my self? Yes.

Time managment is something I have been say that I need to better utilize and this week proved it. Now I jast have to figure out the how, the when and how not to go insane. Oi.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easy ways to make money online: Reliable updates

Reliable updates... Considering I completely messed up my own schedule I think this is an appropriate topic.
One of the harder things about posting is being consistent.
That said, it is always good to have a selection of back up posts all set up to post automatically. I consider these 'fillers' because that is what they are doing. They fill in the gaps that might happen when life takes you away from the computer.
Another important thing is to not apologise every single time you miss an update. Updates get missed, this is life. How ever if you disappear for a few weeks or months... then you should do an update post with an apology and explain that there might be a change in the frequency of your posts.
For the most part people worry more about you then your posts. Sure a comic being left on a cliffhanger is going to garner a lot of interest and such. But once they realise that you might not be able to update for other reasons? People start to worry.
Also, if you are posting a series it can take a load off your shoulders to have a cushion of auto posts so you don't have to scramble to come up with something. Just saying.