Friday, October 1, 2010

Ding Letters Expanded

Ah... The fabled ding letter. Once many moons ago my Mother-of-much-yelling had warned me of such wonders. "Beware!" she said, "They will come'th and take that which you hope for!"

Well, she didn't really say it like that. When I first started working my mom did warn me not to get disappointed when I get them. To just keep trying and soon I would find a job just for me. For all the e-mail applications I have sent out I have gotten maybe five ding letters. This is counting the one I got yesterday.

This only surprises me because companies are suggesting they they don't care enough to let you know you didn't make the cut. I'm not saying they should spend money on stamps and paper but when they have your e-mail on file? That is pure inconsideration.

And this is a growing trend. It pains me almost as much as getting a voice mail to call them only to be told that no, they are not interested and blah blah blah.

It just amazes me that some people just don't care enough to send a auto reply that the position is filled.

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