Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giving a Hiring Agency a Try

In my job hunt I have been attempting to avoid a hiring agency, but as of late it seems every opening for my area of choice is going through an agency of some kind.

So upon finding out that a position I applied for was using one I decided to meet the agent. I could only meet her on my lunch which she said was fine. Then that day I had to call and push it back, I was so worried, but she said it was fine as well.

I have never met someone so helpful before. She was very adamant about helping me out and finding me something. She e-mailed me the tests to take on the weekend. When we talked about them, she was completely understanding at how I am used to a newer version then the one she sent for the test she said my results were good but she wanted me to take it again with a newer version.

She also had a lot to say about my resume. She wanted to make a lot of changes to it and she went over why she wanted to in great detail. I agreed totally with her changes and she said she would be sending me a revised copy. Which is good because it has not been revised for some years.

Prior to leaving she told me to check her companies website and to e-mail her any positions i might be interested in. I just can not explain how helpful she has been.

So I am changing my stance on hiring agencies, people should give them a chance. But ask questions! The woman I met with gave me a great deal of information and was extremely understanding of my situation. Most of the questions I could not remember she volunteered information on. This is the type of person you will want to work with. I would only say that if they are not actively trying to help you out they might not be the company for you.

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