Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advice on Applying for a Job in Another City

This is not a set in stone type of plan. As a list it covers a lot of basics that can sometimes be over looked in your job search or when you are actually moving. They are things you always want to keep in mind.

Some things to keep in mind:

1) Where you live now.
You need to specify in your cover letter that you are living in your current city/state and that you are planing to move to your new city/state. This way they should be able to take it into consideration and possibly eliminate you right away. If you are looking for an entry level position chances are they will pass you by for a local candidate.

2) When you can interview.
Specify when you will be in the city to possibly meet with them.If they know you have plans to be near them then they won't feel like you are asking to be flown out there on their dime.

3) When you will be moving.
They will ask you when you plan on moving to the new city. Tell them your plan of action. If you are going to be moving to your new city with or with out a new job then you should tell them when that will be. Tell them that you will be available in that city starting after your settled. Do not set an appointment for the same day as your move.

If you can't move there unless you have a job let them know. Let them know that to start your new time is negotiable. If you have to be there sooner then you expected you can always put your items into a storage place and have them moved later.

4) Before moving to your new city.
When you are looking for a new job call your local moving company and find out how quickly they can pick up your items and if they will be entering their busy season in the coming months. Find out if they can pick up your items within two weeks of seeing them. Find out if they can store your items and then deliver them at a later date.

5) Have someplace to stay for your first few weeks.
Make sure you have someplace to stay. If at a friends, family member, hotel or have an apartment have every thing set up beforehand. Find out if you can have items mailed there before you arrive. It you can/are going to be staying long term find out if you can change your mailing address to their address. If not, find a post office and set up a PO Box. Hotels will generally accept packages for you but you will need to set up a PO Box for bills and other mailings.

6a) When moving to your new city by plane/train/bus.
Put the items you will need right away in your suitcase and mail the anything else that you might need to the place you are staying. Don't mail yourself things you can easily buy there. Purchasing a cheep set of dishes, utensils and other items like detergent, dish soap, ect. This will keep you going until your other items get there.

6b) When moving to your new city by car.
Pack your car with immediately needed items first then see how much room you have left in your car. If you filled your car think about what you are taking and what you really need to have. If you have space think about what you might like to have and then try adding them. If you feel you would like to have more clothing 'just in case' you can stuff some in around your other items. If you are taking contaners think about filling them with other items to save space.

7) Your move in date.
Make sure your new job knows your moving date if you need to be there. If you can not take the day off make sure you have someone there to supervise for you. A good moving company will not move you in with out someone being there. This is for your own good so work with it. If necessary check to see if your apartment super or real estate agent can be there in your place and don't get upset if things are not in the right place. Complaining because you either could not be there or chose not to be there for delivery will probably not get you sympathy. Just accept it and move things around.

8) If bringing pets you will want to take food, litter, some toys, beds and other necessary things with you. You might not be able to find a pet supply store right away. This will make their trip less stressful. Also talk to your current vet or look online for vets in your new city prior to moving.

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