Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting for a Call Back

This is probably the worst part about job hunting. Will they call me back? What should I do if they don't call me back?

Having a promising interview only to hear nothing ever again hurts. It always has and it always will. You could almost feel led on by a good interview. Personally I think I might prefer to hear at the interview if I wasn't going to be considered. On the plus side I would know not to hold my breath and stress out about all the little "if's".

Actually, if I knew flat out that I wouldn't be considered I would feel better in the long run. I wish more companies would do that instead of leading you on.

I will never understand why an interviewer feels the need to make vague promises to someone who doesn't fit the bill and would be wasting their time giving them every bit of information about the company that only employees really should know. Mainly Vacation, pay and in-depth explanations of benifits. thease tend to be trigger words that make people think they are getting hired.

Also, being told that you are the first one that they have interviewd so far. Not as vcalming as they might think.

Stress? Me? Never...

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