Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another break...

I haven't posted lately because I am so exhausted.

I found a new job that is just... amazing. the people are real and that makes a world of difference. It's farther away but it's a nice commute.

The customers are out of their minds, full of themselves and I just can't tell you about the entitlement. Seriously one doctor went on vacation for the holiday and someone wanted him to come in specifically for them.

But that is stuff that goes away when the customer leaves.

Also? People bring us food. Not just sales people but some customers do and they are so amazing.

And there are sales reps that bring in food also. This is a bit complicated though because of new laws to prevent favoritism. Which is ridiculous because sales are made based on the sales persons ability to sale and be remembered rather then what they feed us. By 'us' I mean the whole office. Which is good because the good sales people talk to us also even if they don't feed us. The talking is a nice thing because it's not just sales but how you are doing.

And how they treat us is a big selling point because if there is a rep that only want to feed and talk to only the doctors then from what I have seen we don't really see a lot of that rep.

So with the new laws I feel bad for the good reps because they get massive budget cuts and we don't get to talk to them. A lot of them have really amazing products too. The only thing it will be good for is everyone's diet.

But my new job rocks! :3

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