Thursday, June 21, 2012

Terror of Chipmunks!

So I have been battling the chipmunk apocalypse that is happening in my garden. Well yesterday I got a little revenge on one.
This particular chipmunk, that I have since named Bob, is extremely cocky and stubborn. Bob no longer runs away when I yell and open the gate. I can actually get within 3-4 feet of Bob before he runs away.
Now, I had been chasing Bob away from my plants and bird feeder of and on for about 30 minuets. Then I got the brilliant idea the bang on the back of an old pan as I chased him. So I waited and then I went on the other side of Bob and started chasing & banging the pan.
I ended up chasing Bob down the side of the house and back up it to his little hole. The whole time I was laughing. After that I didn't see him for a bit so I had assumed that I had one.
Cut to an hour after the chase and I am walking pas a row of hostas when a loud shriek comes from it. Needless to say I jumped. Then I heard a little barking. Bob apparently decided to get some revenge. So I yelled and shook the hosta leaves. I herd him ran back a little then charge at me while barking. I shook more leaves near were I thought he was and then I saw him zip around the side of the house.
Tonight I am going into the basement and finding my super soaker.

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