Monday, December 17, 2012

NYC Trip

I am writing this from my sisters apt in NYC. :3 I am having a seriously good time even thought I hate my sisters laptop with a vengeance.

Back to the trip.

Got in Friday afternoon and made my way here to drop my stuff off. Then I got 'lost' in so much that I knew were I wanted to go but missed it by two long blocks and two short blocks. "It" being the Shake Shack. Such good food. That night we met with one of our cousins and went for mexican. Very Tasty.

Saturday  sister and I hit up the Met. This was a lot of fun. WE went for their M--thing show that was on but we had more fun at the modern art exhibit. We were there for almost three hours and saw a small portion of the Met as a whole. So much walking! we then went to Momofuku for noodles and on the way realised that the Santa walk had ditched everyone on that block! So much for the quiet night my sister thought we would have there. XD The spicy roasted rice was to die for!

Sunday night we returned some stuff, bought new running shoes and then had the best mac and cheese ever! (and a whiskey sour that was more whiskey then sour...) This was after we had been delayed do to a bird crapping on me and forcing us back to her apt when we were just across the street from the bus we needed. I pretty much cussed the bird out on my way back, it was quite the blue streak. My sister laughed the whole time.

Today has been pretty laid back. I got lunch from the Shake Shack again and I will be taking a nap after I finish this. Over all this trip has been just what I needed.

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