Thursday, December 8, 2016

Debt, Life and dear god! An update!

Were to start?

The debt has been slowly taken care of. If I was to trust the little blurb in the corner of my bill I will be free of it in 3 years. I did not take out a loan and that would have been a very bad idea. I did merge two credit cards onto one card. This let me set up one monthly automatic payment.

The ordeal was a pain in the butt. The first transfer had to be done one the phone with a live person. Even though two other people told me I could just do it online. Frustrating but then I just did both with the wonderful woman on that call. So it worked out.

The weirdest part was that each separate card had been a min due of $250 - $300 EACH. Or rather I was paying out $500 to $600 each month.

The new one is $225-ish.

Let that sink in a bit. Because I flipped when I got the first bill. I have been able to save so much money. The new problem seems to be I can't save past a particular amount. This is a pain because of the BRAND NEW THING!

Which is I joined a First Time Home Buyer thing. It is total crap but should help me to ACTUALLY buy a house in two years. So there is now $188 a month going to a special account so that the government will give me a grant of $7,500.

Fact: I still don't have enught for closing costs. Which is the real killer in buying a house.

On the job side of life, after five years with my current job I have finally taken steps to look for a new one. I calle dthe temp agency that got me hired here and I will be sendign them my resume to get going again. The woman that answered my call was very nice when I started fumbling to discribe why I was leaving. I wanted to say that the enviroment wasn't what it was and was moving into mor toxic then I would like.

What I said was a jumble of starting and stopping and toxic and many 'it's just'. She said don't worry about it and started looking at my file. She was wonderful.

That is were the blog stands right now. Yeay?

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