Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The workforce

A big thing that is wrong with the world is how people are taught to treat minimum wage workers as being lesser then everyone else.

I can;t tell you how many times I have had conversations with people, even young people, that don't think people should be paid a living wage. I walked away from one person that was complaining about not being able to live on her pay because when I mentioned then she should support raising the minimum wage... she said that if she could have it then they shouldn't be able to have it.

Yeah... I caught myself from saying anything besids that I didn't agree with her, but she seemed pretty offended that I didn't agree with her.

I have heard my bosses say the same thing. We are a company that if people don't have insurance they sure as hell arn't going to come to the office. Especialy if they have to choose living or living with a pain they have had for years.

This is just once of the toxic mindsets that is probably ruining the company I work for.

Minimum wage workforce still has the right to live. Minimum wage should be a living wage.

People have off days and it goes both ways. But living isn't something you can do with out.

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