Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Second Tuesdays Update 11-9-2021

 Second Tuesdays Update 11-9-2021


I had a surge of "need to do" and I moved a little furniture around. I also almost broke my arm because of physics and I did not plan for adjusting my grip on the shelving that I almost had to lift over my head. Yeah... It turned out good tho so now I just have to load it up with dishes and then... pick a paint color and paint the walls. After I take the thing down again. 

I was going to paint everything first but then I just didn't.

 Slowly my witch aesthetic is taking over my house. If only it would unpack as it went.

Blog related news, I have started a post and it is going to have affiliate links in it. I'm not sure how to feel about it. On one hand I have used said products and feel relatively good about linking to them. On the other hand... I can hear googles algorithm just biding it's time. Waiting in broad day light to either strike my blog down or god knows what.

Which... It seems to be much harder to have a new blog these days. Goint to have a post on that also.

I also started playing a pay-to-win fashion game on my phone. I spent so much money on the Halloween dresses. Well, so much money for me because I don't really like to spend money on games. Oh well.

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