Friday, March 25, 2022

Future Friday Predictions & Planning 3-25-2022

 Future Friday Predictions & Planning 3-25-2022

 So! sewing! there are plans do do sewing! Not with my modern machine because... it's not working again.

 My vintage baby is so so wonderful. I made a plague doctor mask and i was surprised at how well it turned out.

I am planning on making some doll cloths. I have the fabric and i am trying to find the patterns from old 1880's garment cutters books but i keep getting distracted by the dresses.

Any future plans will be sewing related, until the weather is nice and then it is all garden all the time. 

The weather is very close to turning nice.

SO! Garden plans are... clearing out last falls over growth with out destroying the new spring growth. This is far harder then it sounds. Mostly because by the time it is warm enough for me to get out there... lots of things have already started growing. It's a yearly pain. In the before-winter-lasted-forever times... i would have been out in the few warm days in Feb to get the weeds ripped out and put down a layer of mulch to look like i knew what i was doing.

So since it takes about 10-15 bags of mulch that will be one of the weekend projects. I wish I could get mulch dumped on my driveway but I don't have a driveway that that can be done with.

The backyard is forever and always an overgrown nightmare.

Since I am not stuck several states away like last summer... I will be able to get something of a start on it. As soon as I find my gloves because there are spiders every place back there. Every leaf can have a spider because yes, there are that many. I have no idea what to do about it because the crickets are thriving and that is what they eat.

I am going to try and do something about the grass again... I have enough newspaper to try the smother method again in the areas that there are no hidden bulbs. The areas were there are hidden bulbs? I am going to try and dig them up. Doing this in the spring while they are blooming is a Very Bad Idea but it is the only time I can see them so I don't really have much of a choice. After they bloom is in the summer when everything has grown over them.

And then, last but not last on the list, is the fact that I have been streaming games on twitch. Nothing big or amazing but lots of rants. I hope to bring this out side when I mess with the garden during my lunches or after work. 

But then again I also plan on going for walks and winning the lotto so... yeah....

Things with small changes and more day light! Warm weather is a wonderful thing and gets me more active. I do plan on posting more but, again we shall see.

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