Wednesday, April 20, 2022

2am thought


2am thought.

I just realized after almost 30 years that an old house we lived in had an electrical problem in one plug.

It was the plug we had the tv plugged into.

The older tv started not turning off. It wasn’t just that the vacuum tubes were holding a charge, which was probably the first sign, but the screen was still lit.

You could hear when it was doing this because it was so loud that people who couldn’t and had never heard an electric current before were able to hear it. (Several of my parents friends were startled to find out their kids weren’t joking about hearing the tv/electric) I had showed my parents that it was still ‘on’ one weekend by having them stay in the room and you could almost hear the hairs on the back of their neck standing up because they got so creeped out by it.

There were always the last ones to go to bed and they used a switch on the next floor or at the door to the next floor so they never really had a fully dark room when turning it off.

This was the late 80’s or early 90’s so no plasma or LED tvs.

So after one weekend of it just having the screen glowing and seemingly never fully turning off? They decided to save & get a new tv.

After a few years it started having the same thing happen. We never noticed that the old tv didn’t have trouble in the play room.

Then we moved to CA and got pets and never noticed that neither tv was having trouble.

We moved again NY and still hadn’t noticed.

I literally figured it out today at 2am.

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