Monday, June 6, 2022

Mechanical Keyboard musings

With mechanical keyboards I haven’t seen too many affordable options for cool looking frames. Please note that by affordable I mean dirt cheap. Unlike with membrane keyboards that are over all cheaper and have been around long enough that they can crank out so cool looks. 

Which makes me wonder about using the gram for a mechanical keyboard.

Searches don’t actually give me much info. Most all of the posts I have seen are either talking about converting keyboards or they are copies of other posts. Lots of content piracy in that search.

The only reason I am searching for an answer is because I want to make a purple mechanical keyboard that isn’t going to break the bank. Also the color for the frame doesn’t seem to be a thing and i really don’t want to paint anything.

I already dropped the cash for the key caps. They are super pretty and aesthetic.

I am considering getting new switches but the Holy Pandas and the Holy Panda X’s are super super $$$. Even on the knockoff sites the Holy Pandas are still $$$.

Considering the majority of my collection of two mechanical keyboards are both gaterons… and any keyboard i would experiment with would also have gaterons…. I might just go with them for the time being.

I really want a purple case for the very purple key caps. I think I might just buy the membrane keyboard with the case or gram color that i want and then hunt around for a mechanical keyboard that will fit inside it. Which means I’ll be taking it apart to have the case with me while i shop so i look like a dork. Or someone that is super dedicated to the art. Whichever.

It is a very nice purple…

If this ends up working i will be super happy. The keyboard whose frame i like is about $20-ish so I would prefer to know if it would work first…. But… at the same time I don’t want to wait. I think that unless I find good evidence that it will work, or if i figure out how to do the measurements, then I will just end up waiting a few more months until I can get into a shop to ask someone directly. Some day.

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