Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Automatic Spray Bottle - Product Review

 Product Review - Automatic Spray Bottle Electric Watering Can Adjustable Water Sprayer Mist to Straight -White

The item name is literally what is listed on Amazon. It was the cheapest version with the best recent reviews that I saw. When I ordered it the price was listed as $23.99 which I was willing to spend for this.

I got this because I can not constantly use squeeze bottles with out my hands and wrists cramping up. I had seen a few clips of people in China using an automatic spray bottle and haven't actually thought about searching for one until recently. And this is what I found.


This model is rechargeable and that causes a pretty large price jump. There were other ones that I couldn't really tell if they were powered let alone rechargeable. I found a lot of spray bottles that listed as constant spray but they are manual and not powered.

They come in both pink and white. I got the white one.

The spray nozzle is adjustable.

It comes with a USB C charging cord that is a bit over a foot long and is a good length for charging with your computer or power strip with USB port or from a wall socket if you have a wall plug/adapter to use with it. I have a few extra wall plugs so I was set.

I admit, it's ugly to look at but it is comfortable and well balanced for me.

So far it has been working really well for me. I have not let it use up all the battery life in one go because some other reviews seemed to have done that and then they were unable to get the battery to charge again. I have heard of batteries doing that which is why a lot of companies will advised not to let a charge fully go out.

If this keeps working this well I am going to get a few more to swap out the bottles that other cleaning solutions come in and put them in their own auto spray bottle.

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