Monday, March 20, 2023

How to make money online - Review for Survey Junkie - Part 2 of 3

 This is not a paid review.

Review for Survey Junkie - Part 2

I was looking at other lists for good sites to take surveys that will pay you. There are some that dominate others review lists that I will eventually get to but I am going to start with Branded Surveys. 

I found out that in order to use their site you have to let them sell your information. If you want to opt-out you can but you account & points will be deleted and you will not be able to do any more surveys.

They give you points for signing up, finishing your profile.

They have a secondary app they want you to get and any icon with the Pulse you are 100% guaranteed to qualify for. Might be worth it but at the same time I really don't want an obvious spy app on my phone.So I am doing this with out that additional app.

Each point is worth $0.01 and you need 500 points or $5 minimum to cash out.

To get to the $5 it take 500 surveys at a min of one point each. 

Which seems easier then Branded Surveys. But if you take into account the bonuses and referral link that Branded surveys has, then they seem almost about the same. more in part 3

It doesn't seem to offer any sort of invite code or a reward for inviting others. Which is strange because generally companies want to have some encouragement for word of mouth. Branded survey does give you a referral link to share. So I do have an invitation link for Branded Surveys which they make sure you know and see it as soon as possible.

It seems to have an app that doesn't seem very popular. 

I am going to be playing with Survey Junkie as I do Branded Surveys. But as they are so alike I am probably only going to have one more update planed for this series.

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