Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Cover Letter Really is

Cover Letters they are the bane of my job search. The examples I have found tend to be so vague that I can't tell which section is which. I will admit to having photo copied a cover letter that was sent in to us(it was exactly like the ones I saw online...). So I have gone back to searching the internet for help.

Career Builder has an Article on Covering Your Bases: Make Your Cover Letter Count which is short they have a to do list for your letter.

1) Follow a standard business letter format.
2) Writing the opening.
3) Demonstrate your knowledge of the company.
4) Explain your current situation.
5) Explain why this job interests you.
6) Briefly elaborate on one or two key points to draw attention to your resume.
7) Don't rehash your resume.
8) Have someone else review your cover letter.
9) Closing the letter.

Each section has a brief description of what you could put there... but it's still so very vague.But when put into list format it starts to make a bit more sense. I think for myself I will just have to go for it and try to be creative. Because the general ones I had been sending out just don't get my any answers.

 I will re-hash my cover letter when I notice something seems off about it. While it is a pain re-hashing it can keep it fresh and save it from looking like a form letter. Also it makes companies think I type it new If I happen to re-apply to a company a second time.

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