Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More on School

A lot of crazy in the past few weeks. Most notiably is the crazy surounding my school of choice and their semantis fail.

See, if someone told you that they were sending out information to you early then wouldn't you expect it to come... Early? Yeah, I did feel a little bad about calling the person again but it turns out that 'oh no, we only send them at the designated time and never sooner." and "Oh, we need your medical papers ASAP. Preferably yesterday."

Fun fact, they only accept students three times a year.

Another fun fact, because of this and Mr. Fail Boat finacial guy, I probably will not be able to start until the fall. I had wanted to start in May.

He was totally useless to talk to also. "Here you need to fill this thing out" then "oh no, I never said that. You are too old for that."

No wonder people are so confused when they get out of school, they are not used to things making sense. I just need to keep telling myself that after three years of this I will have my degree. Just three more years.

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