Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Lot of News

Starting my first class at my new college tomorrow night. It's insanely expensive college but unfortunately we are in a world that I need a bit of paper to tell people I know what I am talking about. Stressful.

Then in another week I'll be starting my new job. So even more stress due to giving my two week notice and having to wait the two weeks to start. I didn't think that it would be stressful but it is. The interviewing took almost two months and I can't wait to start.

And! I need to try and scrounge up $1,240 for a website/project/service/business thing. It's a wonderful idea and service. I just do not have the funds this moment and I have been advised to try and get it up as soon as I can. Joy, more stress.

So! Over all hiring agents are the best thing ever and don't ever think you have to stay with one that is treating you poorly. And keep looking. The jobs might not seem like they are out there but you will find something eventually.

You wouldn't believe how many people called in about my job opening that never showed up to fill out the application. My soon-to-be-old manager said he got 62 responses via e-mail for the position but so far I have only seen 6 come in to fill out the application. Just e-mailing a company your resume does not cut it if they tell you to come in person.

Oi... So much stress.

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