Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Break in the Silence

Well, long time no update. The main reason for that is I have been going through one of the longest interview processes in my live. It spanned almost two months with three interviews and one test. Everyone was so nice and everything.
And I got the job. :3
I can't tell you how happy I am about this. All the stress of looking and here it is. I have to say I did not find this job on my own. I did work with a hiring agent and she was very helpful. Two actually, both at different companies and both were very nice and helpful.
I can't believe I don't have to keep waiting to hear back on an interview anymore.
I can't tell you how badly I wanted this job. The people I met were wonderful and it just felt right. They have a wonderful training program. The are also closer to my home so I will have a shorter commute. They also have wonderful benefits.
The only problem is that my new school is now my old school. The advance program was so rigorous that if I had to choose my job or my grades... Well, I chose my job before it got to that point. While this program was not for me I have nothing but good things to say about the people that I met.
While talking about school and degrees at work they asked me if I was going to make this job a career. At first I didn't understand what them meant but upon asking they said that this company values experience over degrees. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear this. They also said that if I do feel that I want a degree that there was another, far cheaper, school that I could go to and that the company does tuition reimbursement.

I really do love this job.

Right now I am starting a 6 month training program. Barring the whole IT department disappearing my first week, things are going well. I have a while before I will be able to pull my weight but I have been reassured that this is normal for this position.

So. Happy.

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