Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School woes and adding to debt

So I have waited, until what seems that last minuet, to register for
classes. While this is not normally a horrendous thing, my collage has
changed some of their methods and now screwed me out of being able to
register and check my transcript. They have a generic message that
insinuates they are looking into things but I more then likely have to
call and talk to them directly about this. I missed the change over by
one week and thus here I am.

I would love to just stop by and register but I was hoping to take the
easy route.

Now I can't. I can't even see what required classes I need because
that is locked away in the registered users sections. Which is such a
good way to get students to join your school. Me? Bitter? Never!

I also have to figure out which credit card I am going to use to pay
for my classes.

This is were the debt part comes into play. I do not have a semester
sized cushion in my bank account to pay for classes at the moment.
Smaller payments? Much easier on my wallet.

I am really not looking forward to doing all this. Well, I'm not
looking forward to this enough to feel good about spending the money.

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