Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Easy ways to make money online: Clicks

It is pretty common nowlge that people use the ads on their site to make money. So there is always that hope for a click. Unfortunatly Google has in it's contract that you can not ask for clicks, thus you have to rely on the hope that people will know this and click your ad on their own.
How ever if you have enugh quality posts you can feel better knowing that the ads will be better targeted to your audiance. If they are then chances are that more people will see ads that catch their attention and thus cause them to click on them to see what the ad is all about.
Clicks will always pay more then views.
One click or 1,000 views could both pay $2. Something happening once might take less time then something happening 1,000 times. But then again 1,000 could happen quickly while you might have to wait a long time for that one thing to happen.
There is no way to force people to click ads just like there is no way to force people to your site. You just have to come up with really good topics and write high quality posts and hope for the best.

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