Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asking for a job at your doctors office

Don't do it.

If you do and are told that they are not hiring for the love of god do
not keep asking and insisting that they need to call you because you
really need this for convenience reasons. In fact this will only make
you look worse.

Seriously, this is not a way to endear yourself to a potential employer.

First, the people at the check out counters have and want nothing to
do with hiring. They are busy checking people out and if you are
holding up the line this makes everyone upset at them.

Second, trying to grab your doctor or their secretary and insist upon
them that they should hire you for the location and position that you
want is a really fast way to piss everyone off. That is extremely
inconsiderate to the secretaries, the doctors and their patients.

Most doctors offices will hire through a hiring agency. This is
because they do not have the time to interview people because they are
busy treating patients. Walking into a doctors office and asking for
the hiring manager when you have no idea if they are hiring or not is
a great way to get your resume tossed with out a second thought. No
one is going to be interested in hiring someone that inconsiderate.

I know this seems harsh, but seriously if you do this I have little
sympathy. If you do this after commenting on how busy we are then I
have no sympathy for you at all.

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