Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of plumbing and house insurance

Did I mention a few months ago my parents had an insurance guy out to
figure out why/if there was a leak in our bathroom? Did I also mention
that he didn't check the seal around the pipe connecting the toillet?

Did I mention that less then a week later a few piceis of the popcorn
ceiling in the room below fell off?

Well.... Yeah. My mom called the insurance company again and told them
what happened. When the same guy came back out that was when she found
out he didn't check the seal on the toilet.

The wax seal will dry out and start to crack over the years. It is an
easy fix that we had a plumber do. He was seriously done in about 30
min or less. The guy who helped us also checked out a few other things
just to be sure that was the problem.

Lesson learned? Check the seal on the toilet if you think you have a
leak in a bathroom. exspecialy if the room below has a water stain on

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