Monday, June 5, 2017

Suit Shopping for an Interview

I do not recomend doing this two days before your interview. You just really do not want to do it.

But I did.

I started this 3-16-2011... Here I am now and I still have the same suit.

It was a bad suit. I look like a trope for a substitute teacher gone wrong or serial killer.

In the same six years I finally have comfortable interview shoes... I just need to find a better suit.

I think I will take a page out of Japans job hunting ideas and go with black slacks, coat and a white under shirt. I would love to get away with using my black scrub pants but I think they will stand out too much. I'm not saying I won't try it but I probably won't get any flying reviews from it.

Womens clothing is terribal if you are trying to not spend much.

I would rather find a nice suit coat at a second hand store and have it tailored to fit me. This will probably amount to the same over all cost, but the difference is that the coat will fit me perfectly.

If I tailored a new coat it would cost more but last longer.

No one has an assortment of interview outfits unless you are very, very rich or moving within the same dress code. If you are going from uniform to business casual then it is so very hard. I would say that the best bet is to have 2-3 different choices. Which is my ultimate goal.

I also just really don't like my current suit.

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