Monday, September 28, 2020

On working in customer service part 1

 I can not describe how many times a customer has tried to tell me I was wrong because the answer that they got wasn't the one that they liked.

Or just skipped past telling and launched right into screaming at me because they don't want to follow the rules. Or they don't want me to follow the rules.

I also really don't understand how an accountant can call a bank and hear the message that you need your account info and verification info... and still have no idea what an account number is. These people make so much more then me and I have to wonder how. 

It's one thing to forget that you are on hold while on hold. That actually happens a lot. But to say they have no idea what an account number is? Right after saying that they are calling about a specific account? 

The second bit is when they claim they don't have access to the info and then magically produce it as if they are laboring so hard to.. be prepared to do their job? The horror!

And then there are the people that know all their info and are fully prepared that call in while driving.

Seriously, they will be calling in for help with their computer and.. be driving.

I still haven't gotten an answer from our managers for what would happen if the caller gets into an accident.

Yup. This is my life now.

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