Monday, February 8, 2021

pandemic problems

pandemic problems

people need to ware their masks.

people need money to stay at home.

people actually need to be considerate to other people because they could end up killing people if they don't.

A lot of this boils down to people refusing to take responsibility that their actions can and will have unforeseen consequences to people other then themselves.

So much about this that needs to happen so it will go away but then again, if our government actually stepped up and did the $2,000 a month then it would be gone.

Hell, If we each got a universal amount to live off of that was $2k a month plus universal health insurance? I would totally keep my job because that would mean I would have so much money to spend that I could actually invert into the businesses by buying things again. I haven't had the freedom to just spend money for the fun of it since my first job when I still lived at home.

The american economy only works if companies pay people enough to have some disposable income. 

Taking away jobs in a time of need is a way to make sure no one will work for your company because you have shown that you don't value them. On top of countless other things.

For people wondering were all this money could come from? Take it from the military budget. No more artisanal weapons. Hell, they can't even take care of the veterans because all of their money is going into weapons.

Things are going to get worse even with out the body count.

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