Monday, August 2, 2021

on the Volt car Warranty

 Long story short car financial managers are going to lie to you that the very very clearly specified warranty will not cover what it says it will. They will say it only covers the battery.

Like I said, they lie.

There is a 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty by Chevy/GM that covers all the electronics that make the car run in their Warranty Manuel that is listed on their site but that the dealership will try to charge you $4,000+ to fix. Specifically the BECM.

This only work if you are still in/under the 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty!!

 I didn't even know about this warranty let alone that I was still covered by it. Thankfully my friend did and was texting me info on it while we were talking about it before I authorized the work. 

No your tech guys will not check the warranty for you. Again you will need to specify VoltTech and the Warranty Manuel that is on GM's site.

There are a few small-ish things like the 12volt battery that can cost $200 & the $400 coolant flushing that they have to do 3 times & they are required to do (I am still arguing about this one but seems legit) and any  other thing that is not the main control box or specifies as being under the VoltTech warranty.


Also AAA got me a super Super awesome tow company that was able to give me a ride with them to the dealership near my parents that was almost 3 hours away from the gas station that my car wouldn't turn back on at. Super awesome guys.

Now if you just say that you found info on it on a website no one is going to take you seriously. That is why you have to specify VoltTech and the Warranty Manuel that is on GM's site.

 The site I found that told me about the VoltTech part was

The problem I (and a ton of others) had was "shift to park" error.

There is a forced restart that I did by accident when my car wouldn't start the day before my trip. something like holding the power button on for 10-20 seconds and then leaving the door open for 60 seconds. I did this while freaking out in my driveway at home. This is a full shutdown of the car because the "shift to park" error doesn't let you shut your car off all the way.

So! fortunately because I freaked out the day before I was completely calm when I had the same problem at the gas station and I was totally not shocked when the earlier solution didn't work.

I do think my calm and relaxed attitude threw the tow guys for a loop. But they were super awesome.

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