Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Second Tuesday Updates 8-10-2021

 Second Tuesday Updates? What am I thinking?

Chaos mostly. Let me explain.

I'm trying get any kind of schedule for both blogging and writing. I knew getting into this that it wasn't going to be easy. I have an old blog post were I Did Math and regretted it.

Honestly most of this had been out of spite at an old job. Surprisingly not bad spite. Just spite of the I-know-what-I-am-talking-about kind of spite. Scary to think what the numbers would have looked like if some life things hadn't have happened. Oh and the whole certain company getting sued because they didn't pay bloggers their less the $100 when they cleared out bloggers with out reason.

So! Second Tuesday Updates are going to be general updates. They will be a little out of date because *gestures at entire blog* precedence?

I might end up making a cushion of 1-2 posts just so I can laugh at my own hubris. Actually, that give me a really good/bad idea for another type of post that I could be able to buffer.

Maybe this isn't that bad of an idea?

Well... here goes something.

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