Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eagerness Vs Desperation

Eagerness Vs Desperation in the search for a new job can be a little hard to tell apart. I find that while I sound desperate, I am really just eager. I have found that his can be a very tricky thing to explain to anyone.

At one point, just prior to the economy taking a dive) I had been desperate to find a new job while I had been working at an old one. I had been put in a very bad situation that ended with people burning bridges that I had hoped to keep intact after i turned in my two week notice. I had known that a particular person was doing everything they could to passively get me fired. while he did a very good job of it, one person did see this and support me. Their confirmation that 'this was actually happening' made me feel much better and she encouraged me to start looking.

I am positive that had I not gotten a new job that they would have fired me. From here-say and Linkedin I have found that two people involved are no linger at that company. Knowing that did and does not make me feel good. I have a sinking suspicion that the main manager did not get my letter talking about my two week notice. Even worse, he was a gentlemen that I loved working with. Now he has doughts about me and will never let me be hired back.

The job that I switched to? I took a pay cut, travel farther and they have stated that they think they are paying too much for my position. which is almost saying that I will never get a raise. Which I haven't.

But... It's stable.

It's very slow, and has been getting slower, for the business right now. which leaves me with far too much time to think on 'what if's' and other less happy things. There has even been talk of closing an office.

I know from listening that they go through people in my position like water through a siv. One fellow employee has actually asked me on more then one occasion why I was still here. I will admit, this is not the type of setup that I want to spend my life in.

I think that I will have to try a recruiting agency. I have worked with two employment agencies before. I am leery but I will try. With luck I will be able to meet with them after my shift is over.

So, while there is a darkness looming in the distance, I do have some hope.

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