Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thinking Back & Forth.

I'm happy for what I have, yet I can't help but be sad for what could have been. But lately I have been thinking back on things I should have stuck through and it hurts.

Unfortunately no matter how much help is out there, if you don't have the will/knowledge to use it it doesn't do you a lick of good. There is no simple answer to anything. Nor is the need to accomplish things easily obtained.

This is also known as 'procrastination' and I am very good at this.

I have an e-mail that i sent my self chock full of links to jobs that I may or may not qualify for. I do this so I won't have to go back and search job sites with the hope of finding it again. I do this all the time. But mostly i do it so I can avoid writing cover letters right on the spot.

Because cover letters are the bane of my existence.

The secondary problem I have is most of the job postings I am looking at right now are out of state. Unfortunately most do not say if they are or are not accepting non-local applicants.

I have been spending a lot of time reading Ask a Manager because there is boat loads of information and advice.

Sometimes she links on her blog to articles she wrote that were posted on other sites. This one she wrote in USNews Money titled What to Do When You're Frustrated at Work because I am totally there right now.

Right now I am perusing her blog looking for cover letter advice. So far I have found these:
marital status in cover letter Which is not strictly what I was looking for, but I love the woman's wording about why she is looking for a job in another state.
How a Cover Letter Can Make the Difference
What does a good cover letter look like?
Objectives: Leave Them Off Your Resume It's over a year old but I think I'm going to try it unless the company states that they want an objective.
the point of a cover letter

I also need to try the advice in her article the #1 question your resume should answer. Because right now I should go over that to try to find what I have done wrong.

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