Monday, August 30, 2010

Time management or lack there of.

Yeah... Time management is a very important life lesson that I seem to have missed. Oh my god did I miss it because there is only so much I can claim is ADD. I mean, I know the little bit of glitter in the carpet is sparkly & all and that patterns can be twitched out of it but it can not possibly be so enthralling to take up 2hrs of my life when I was younger.

While I am no longer that bad I'm still worried that it might effect my work.

This past weekend I could have written over a dozen cover letters. Did I? No. Instead I made zucchini bread and ran around doing returns for my mom at the mall.

The only productive thing I did was apply for a part time job at Barnes and Noble. Even then I think I screwed myself. When I turned it in the guy I handed it to took it and wandered away. I didn't know if I should have followed him or what. So I booked it.

I probably should have asked him if I was set.

I think later today, essentially after work, I am going to make a to do list to post here and to my g-mail account. Because something has to be done.

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