Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A covid thing

 A covid thing

 Less then thrilling things to talk about to start. 

First I was at a wedding were absolutely no precautions were taken or followed by the reception company. I am suggesting heavily to the confirmed covid case to go after them. They were supposed to check for vax cards and didn't even do that. I know for a fact they were not enforcing any mask rules because not a single person mentioned being asked to & my family is full of mouthy nags. Outside of one or two employees? The majority of the employees were not wearing masks.

I'm vaxed & boosted and the same for my immediate family and fortunately I am an introvert extreme so I didn't have to even try very hard to isolate. 

A pet theory that is literally only applicable to my place of work, is that prior to covid being in the US in Jan or Fab 2019, my office got exposed to one virus and one flu-thing that went through the ranks for 2 months and knocked everyone on our butts. One was a weaker flu-like thing, that might have also been a virus, that was about a week long. The other was a virus that was horrible and took about two weeks to a month depending on the person.

From what my department can figure out is that as far as we know, none of us have gotten covid that had both of the other things. Or at the very least the harder hitting virus.

We all have also been getting the vax's and the boosters.

Again, this is a pet theory that only applies to my office and no place else.

It reminded me of the discovery of the small pox vax. With milk maids not getting small pox because they had had cow pox.

The symptoms were very similar but no one was hospitalized. Horrible hacking coff and fevers. We all tried to keep our distance as much as possible and sanitized everything but it still went through everyone.

I was lucky with the first week that I wasn't too too bad. But I was also lucky that I had a week vacation planed and was at my parents house for the worst of it. The third week when I was at home was bearable. My parents ended up catching it from me and fortunately they were both retired.

Again, there is no proof about this pet theory other then personal experience and the hope that we are right.

I think that what we had was a super early version of covid. There was one person that had traveled to what turned out to be a hot spot for covid. That was about one to two weeks before people started getting sick. The only reasion I knew someone had even traveled there was because my two coworkers that knew the person welcomed them back from their trip as we got breakfest one day.

There isn't a shred of actual proof that this is the origin of the virus we had in Nov & Dec 2018.

The only horrible way to prove this theory is if everyone at the wedding we went to got covid and the three of us didn't. That is not something I want to find out like that. 

I really can't over state that this is a pet theory. My family and I still got the vax and the boosterand will be getting any & all boosters that come out.

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