Monday, December 6, 2021

When All Else Fails Work for the IRS

 When All Else Fails Work for the IRS

 I wish this was a joke but sadly, this isn't.

I am sure that there are some people that have not heard about NFT's which had been un-regulated to a small point. Well! the easy money laundering is over because they are regulated and that means you have to pay taxes on them now!

So what does this have to do with working for the IRS? Simple! 

The short version is Head Hunting.

Or you could just apply to work for the IRS directly. Either way the thing is money money Money!

The IRS used to give a head hunting or a finders fee for legitimate reports of people not paying taxes. Both in house to employees and to non-employees. This was a super fast way for people to make money but it was also super hard to prove.

Until the digital age.

Some people were using the NFT's as being the next best thing because they are un-trackable and blah blah blah. Basically all the "good"reasons was just money laundering & scams. And the energy usage is destroying the earth.

But now they have to pay taxes on them. That means they HAVE to be track-able.

well.... since you know people have been talking these up and flaunting how much they have spent or 'invested' in NFT's? There is your easy head hunting. Right there. They literally did all the work for you.

Plus the IRS is always looking for people. One would assume that the legitimate and non-money laundering people will promptly look for someone to hire for helping them file their taxes.

Personally I am betting on some people belatedly claiming identity theft so you just know the credit card companies and banks are going to be a nightmare.

Speaking of banks. Banks have to tell the government about suspicions transaction or big transaction or yada yada. The old 'trick' of only sending someone $9,999 to avoid taxes is total bull. Banks do this for a living and they do not fear people trying to do a sneaky thing. They just let which ever bit og the government know to cover their own butts.

This is going to pan out poorly for the people who spent money on them.

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