Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Second Tuesdays Update 12-14-2021

Second Tuesdays Update 12-14-2021

And then there was snow. I am never fully ready for the snow.

At some point I am going to be making a post about my mechanical keyboard that i got. It's not the best but I like it and trying to use the click click as a reward to myself. The squeak might drive me batty tho...

You know, assuming that I actually type anything with it. My family loves the feel of it but my mom & sister don't really like the sound. My dad didn't think the squeak was that bad. 

My sister doesn't like the round key caps but she loves the colors.

Actually, the sound/feel reward for typing seems to work because this is the most i have typed in a long time in one sitting. I made a few other posts to social media and wow. Yeah this works for me.

Mechanical keyboard rabbit hole post will happen but... on to other things.

I was able to fill some gaps in the front deck/porch but not all of them. I really have to replace the steps and that will have to wait for next year. Most notably the draft has gone way down. there are still a few spots that I need to fill but it's an improvement. Baby steps.

The urge to paint some of the walls in my house is growing. but since I can't open any of the windows and I am not opening my doors to get a draft gonging, it's just going to have to wait until next year. The unfortunate bit is that the pink actually goes with the furniture bit I added and is starting to look good. but I can't stand it. That room is going to be a few shades of grey.

So! On to next month!

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