Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stress at Work

I can never tell how stressed I am until something mundane from work pops into a dream. At which point in the dream that mundane job duty I can never seem to finish and bosses & co-workers are freaking out at me. It's even worse when I can't remember that it was a dream. then I'm all paranoid at work and it's just not fun.

It's usually running late to work to the point that work is closed and it's late at night. Once it was falling alseep at my desk only to wake up and find myself locked in. This past time was about filing the same file because i kept finding it while trying to do something else and then being fired because i didn't get the other things done.

If I could find a away to never have these kinds of dreams I would be all to happy.

Job stress I can deal with. Stress about my job in my sleep? Jury says no.

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