Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re-applying for a Job

Once again I got word that an opening at a company I love is back. So I sent my res and updated my cover letter... But since a former co-worker tried to burn my bridges for me I have a feeling that they will just toss my information the moment they see my name.

Fortunately another former co-worker really wants me to return. They always keep me up to date with any potential openings and always puts in a good word for me. So much so that I have warned them not to get into trouble trying to get me back.

I keep telling myself that I won't try again with this company, but every time I'm told there is an opening for this one position I crumble. It is so close to were I live, competitive pay and I really loved the people there. I could save almost $60 a month just on gas if I was hired back.

The down side would be that they have seen me leave before when the going got tough. The Floor Manager apparently has doubts about me and I have no idea if it was because of something that was told to him or because he didn't get my two week notice letter. Unfortunately I do believe that the person that was the reason I left would be petty enough to make sure my letter was never received.

Here is hoping I can at least get an interview.

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